New Falcon XR8 Coupe

Discussion in '2001 Ford Falcon 300' started by BaRRa, Sep 27, 2002.

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    Is your Motor the Crossflow? I am not sure of the leaded powerf igures, I think the earliest Crossflow used leaded petrol but I'm not too sure. I wouldnt have a leaded car anymore though. That lead replacemnt shit they have at servos now aint good for your engine.
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    dad told me to just use optimax, and we have to lubricate the cyldinders somewhere to do that.
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    I dont know about you guys, but I want to see a XR6t ute.

    Hi-Flow turbo, Wolf 3d, after market intercooler and an exhaust you could stick your head in.
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    There was an XR6T ute at the Motor Show (what Ford wasn't there?). It was schmick.

    Here is a photoshop that one of my mates made. He wanted me to post it.

    btw, he made it after he saw the pic that Tickford5400 posted
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    I don't see any pic mate....?
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    not a bad pic mate, but i do prefer the one that tickford posted.
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    Yeah, me too. It wasn't me though. My mate made it and is too dumb to be able to post it.
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    That's a difficlut one to comprehend. I'm too dumb to make one, but smart enough to post one(?)
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    I know. He is a dick.
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    Hey BaRRa, do you live in Newcastle?? I just noticed that in one of your earlier posts.
    I was just over there 2 weeks ago for the National Worldskills competition held at the Entertainment Centre.

    Funny you should mention the local Ford dealer, cause that was thew first thing I somehow managed to find. =)
    It was Kloster Ford if I remember correctly.......tell you what, I reckon it was a pretty big yard.

    If you had of gone down the Entertainment Centre and checked out the panel beaters - not my catergory - you might have seen that Ford had donated about 10 AU body shells, all painted in different colours for them to work on.

    Quite a nice place Newcastle, especially on the water. And you had one hell of a sweet pub, the Great Northern Hotel...that place went off on the last day of the competition.

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    Yes I live in Newie

    Kloster Ford would be correct

    I didn't go to the Ent Cent

    Great Northern = great (So I've heard, me = 17yo)

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    Another useless post by a misguided individual. With all the infinite wisdom you poses, explain to all us simpletons in Lamens terms how ford really sucks?
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    The dumbass doesn't even know that Skyline is one word <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Shut ur face i think Sky line has a valis point and he is entilted to his own opinion. I will infact explain for him, fords are made in Australai with cheap labour they use ancient technoloyy for example their engines and suspension set ups. They are heavy and the power to weight ratio is very poor.

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    No how bout you shut YOUR face, he is entitled to his own opinion yes you're right, all that was being asked was that he justify his opinion.
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    it's funny how comlpetely wrogn you are. the old engines were'nt ancient they got a lot out of those old engines, they used them up and didn't throw them awa yuntil they could, fords new engines are good. and wait till holden get their new engines and you're wrong.
    australia isn't cheap labour you dipshit.

    Ford Australia have the control blade irs, do you even know what that is, or is it too good and advanced for you??
    Holden are yet again going to get the fixed up suspension in the VZ. that should be a good car i have to admit it.
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    I would be more than supprised if you and SKY LINE are not actually the same person. Or is it just such a coincidence that two idiots join the same forum at the same time, and echo eachtohers ridiculously ignorant sentments?

    How is an engine ands suspesnion an example of old technology? Theres actually not that much difference between the skyine and falcon Motor. Both are IL6's, both have Turbos (XR6T) both have cast-iron blocks and alloy heads with twin cams. I am not sure what the Skyline has with VVT, but Ford has Varaible valve timing ON ALL FOUR VAVLES, plus other stuff like drive by wire on all 6's and 8's.

    Skylines are great cars. But you can not compare them to Aussie cars. If you watn to compare a skyline to a V8 powered car, why not compare it to a Ford GT40, Corvette Z06, or HRT 427C.
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    I'ts funny how completley wrong you are. haha control blade irs, let me guess. A cheap leaf spring suspension set up made with a few cheap add on's to pass it off as multi link in their marketing. Im also sure its not as good as skylines indepndent double wishbone suspension. So hows Ford going in the V8 Supercars?

    And one more thing wat type of car do u drive
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    Um sorry you are a #$%#in dick head, hos could you even attempt to compare a Skyline to a cheap ass ford? No SKY LINE is actually a mate of mine and we both share the same views on cars. OOO big #$%#in thrills "on all 4 cams" well skylines only have 2 cams. OK lets compare the R34 GTR to a Ford GT40 and since you seem like you love to do your research i think you could go find the stats!!!!!!

    One more thing to BAD Fords are way toooooo heavy.
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    Your a #$%#ing retard. And I corrected by blunder, I meant to say on all for valves. if you knewa nything you would have relaised that no in line 6 has for camshafts.

    You so #$%#ed up. How can you even say the ford control blade irs is a "cheap leaf spring". You would have to be the most #$%#ed up person in the world.

    Skyline shave double wishbone, so did the AU. So what?
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    V8 supercars doesn't reflect anything abuot the cars on the road what do they share a body and only in shape.
    you like your little imprezas and evos because they can be driven in wrc, with completely different set ups for racing. stock car racing is long dead, and back in the old days when it was stock cars, where where your shitty small cars?? i seem to remember torana's monaro's mustangs and GTHOs dominating a lot more than any japanese car did.

    and besides that on the road, you have no need for a little quick car unless is you haev unlimited cash, because you will gets lots of tickets and have to bribe cops to get your license back quicker than you lost it. if you want shitty little rattle-mobile cars for the road, that are un-reliable and cheap build. then buy your imprezas and evos. you probably have a stock impreza.

    BTW i drive my 4.1 carbi XF falcon S pack 1985. and it's much better for the everyda road driving than my Z ever was
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    Ford got rid of it for better things. an even better ride.
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    it's debatable whether its actually better. They are both great, I would say for ride probably the control blade is better, but for ultimate tuning, well I dont really know. The double wishbone although beeing heavier, was still a great suspension setup.

    Cant wait to see how the FPV tuned control blade will be. Awesome I would think.

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