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  1. lol you think its an F40, are you nuts.
    have you ever seen an F40?
    i don't think you have because if you had then you wouldn't have said that you think its an F40
    and its true it was built for a business man who lives in hongkong soo go take a look at a F40, look at the pics i put up and rethink your guess
  3. Of course I've seen an F40 buddy, I know a lot about cars ok. That's definitely an F40.
  4. Would not mind it looking exactly like the 355.

  5. obviously not
    take a look at this at the two pics the black one is an F40 the red one is the coach built F430

    tell me now that they are both F40's
  6. NOTHING like an F40.
  7. what is it then S2000 ? mix with F40 ... I see it a little
  8. This looks extremely good.
  9. more like the 355
  10. Mini-van.
  11. OMG that's ugly.
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  14. Yeah man its totally an S2000!! COPYCAT FERRARI!
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    Ferrari F430 replacement spied
    Next-generation F430 caught in early testing

    Auto Express Car Reviews
    Photos: SB-Medien
    11th February 2009

    While other manufacturers were struggling in 2008, Ferrari posted record profits of �305 million, so it can afford to keep the new models coming! And here�s the most eagerly anticipated of the bunch, the replacement for the F430, codenamed the F142.

    Our photographers caught this chassis-testing mule out in the open and already there�s a number of giveaways about the newcomer�s layout. Bigger side air intakes will add a dash of drama to the styling and help cool the enlarged engine, while a large central exhaust just below the number plate should provide a sublime soundtrack.

    A modified front wheelcase also suggests that the F142, rumoured to be called the F450, will have a different wheelbase too. But we�ll have to wait at least a year before we get our first official glimpse.

  16. so, nothing special then
  17. something tells me that if it were to look anything like the 430, they wouldnt be testing it looking like that. If it looks like a 430 now, then it will look completely different.
  18. *yawn*
  19. ya its not going to look way different from a 430 or it would just be like the 550 to the 575 its basically the same car just different engine
  20. Yeah, because the Enzo mule looked just like the Enzo.

    They are just testing stuff. They can use whatever body they want. Doesn't mean that's what the final car is going to look like.

    Why don't people understand what a "test mule" is???
  21. i understand what a test mule is all that they are doing is testing the under pinning out like suspension breaks and most importantly the engine
  22. Ferrari should just make 20 different versions of the F430 like the 20 versions of gallardo that exist.
  23. I wish Ferrari had just built that instead of the Enzo.
  24. thats not what ferrari is about and there are 4 different variants of the 430

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