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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Ahh, that's what I was thinking. I personally hate free-for-all matches in any game, though. Too hectic.
  2. What the crap?!

    I apparently received my Resistance 2 beta code about 36 hours ago but they sent it to the wrong address. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    Edit: and apparently I was also given access to the Home beta back on October 3rd!!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  3. A simple "No, I don't " would have done.
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  7. Its actually better if you are good and aren't playing with a group of friends you can rely on. Ending up in a party against a full group of six friends and being teamed up with random people, half of them not having mics, is about as bad it can get in a video game.
  8. I wonder what stores think about this...
  9. Lazlow: GTA IV DLC is "more missions and characters"

    Grand Theft Auto's most famous DJ has begun talking about the series again, this time giving a little detail on what fans can expect from the forthcoming Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content.

    While appearing on the US-based "Opie and Anthony Show", Lazlow Jones said that the DLC is "more missions and a bunch of other content". He expands his revelation by claiming that the release will also see the addition of new characters to the Liberty City world.

    Xbox Live members will be able to get their hands on the content some time in the next few months, although a precise release date has yet to be pinned down by either Rockstar or Microsoft.
  10. holy #$%# this thing is at 10 pages already
  11. Why?
  12. what the shit is Fable
  13. I always thought it was strange how you don't end up with a big house/mansion in GTA 4. There is a nice one I found with a helicopter out back.
  14. The best thing ever, along with FallOut 3, if you like action RPGs.
  15. imo one of the best western RPG's, apparently before it was released the lead designer hyped it so much on impossible (at the time) promises that when it was finally released there was a huge amount of pissed off people, which tarnished its image. although for everyone ive talked to that never heard of it before its release (like me) they absolutely loved it.

    Fable 2 has had very few promises, hopefully people will just pick it up and enjoy it, which is what i hope to do.
  16. Anybody ever play RUNESCAAAAAPE

    haha i havent played that in years
  17. Stop playing shitty flash games.
  18. Meh i have a hard time getting into games these days especially RPGs
  19. actually if you are still looking for a game you might try fable 1 to see if you like it. (although Fable 2 will be a giant leap)

    its a western RPG its more about action with the ability to evolve the character, than something like the final fantasy series.
  20. i've never played final fantasy in my life haha

    The only kind of games i can play are sports games/shooters online or racing games
  21. oh lol, then your going to have to wait.

    it does have guns though :p

  22. The games are based on the premise that every choice has a consequence. Everything you do in the game chips in a little bit into who you will be at the end(see the box Luke posted, normal vs really evil looking), and greatly affects gameplay. If you choose to be really evil, it ends up being a very different experience than if you choose the path of extreme goodness.

    In one particular example that Peter Molyneux(head of the development team) presented, the hero returned to his family(you can marry, and even have orgies or homosexual sex in the game) after a long time, and his kid was starving and asking for food, so he made the particularly evil choice of eating an apple in front of his child.

    There's also a lot of innovation in the gameplay. You'll have a dog as your companion, that is supposed to do most of the things a regular HUD should do. The combat is very unique too; X, Y, and B control melee, ranged(bow&arrow/guns), and magic, respectively, and you have to press each button following the music(the better you follow the rhythm, the better you fight).

    All this is set in a wonderfully artsy and detailed world with a good storyline.
  23. Stores don't give a shit as long as someone buys it. Only morons like you read more into things.
  24. Stick to Madden, Halo, and Forza then, lol.
  25. "yes I do" and "your point is shit"
    it doesnt matter if people can understand it or not. If they can, then they can choose to not listen to the song. If they cant, then it doesnt even matter. Either way it isnt hurting anyone. Lets go and ban cursing from all games and in game music because Im pretty sure thats offensive to people too.

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