New Gt3 is coming!!

Discussion in '2000 Porsche 911 GT3' started by mafalda, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. GT3 is coming, 03/2003
    381 Hp
    39.3 Kgm
    306 Kph - 190 mph
    0-100 Kph 4.5s
    0-100 mph 9.4s
    235/40 ZR 18
    295/30 ZR 18

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    The new GT3 is going to be absolutely insane. The 3.6L flat 6 will rev right up to 8200 rpm (up from the previous 7800). I can't wait to see what this puppy'll do on the Nurburgring.

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    Does anybody knows what the weight is of the new GT3??
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    I know its so freakin awsome that we finally get the gt3 here in the states. And the engine thats in the street car is the same one thats in the race car, talk about zoom zoom! Does anyone know if they are offering a GT3 body kit for the regular carrera, the new onw w/ the turbo headlights? Becuase i went on the site and i didn't see one. just wondering.
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    actually the new gt3 is 3.8 ltrs instead of 3.6.

    oh by the way can ne of u guys buy me one?
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    I love the new one even more then the older one.
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    the new gt3 is a 3,6l not a 3,8l
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    Yea, Porsche expects that it will be about 10 seconds faster than the old GT3(which got 7:56) on the Nurburgring, in order to beat NSX-R.

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