New HFV6 Turbo

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 XU6' started by Holden Nut, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Motor says 275kw :)
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    details??? my email is if you need to send it to me, thanks.
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    All I know is it's still 3.8L V6, but this time 60 degrees instead of 90, and its all alloy and DOHC. The N/A is estimated to be at around 190kw and turbocharged version at around 270kw.
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    Yeah...the thing I find interesting is what the hell is it going to be like in 15 years? 300kw C4B's standard in the executive, Clubsports with 500kw or something.

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    Yeah true...but they say that now, my dad (57) said when he was my ages they were sayin that and that his father said the same to him so who knows when its gonna happen...maybe if that nazi in Iraq didn't set fire to his fields oil might last longer.
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    According to Wheels the new HFV6 is going to definently make more than the Falcon 6, and could even make as much as 201kw.
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    thats a damn lot for a base model car, maybe even abit 2 much
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    Since when was there such a thing as too much? :)
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    So have I...but have you read wheels COTY edition?
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    That power figure was based on an engine with relatively high compression ratio, so it may need Premium Unleaded fuel. I don't think Holden would do that, but maybe it will be able to run on standard fuel. Its all speculation until the engine and car are released.
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    It was only 10.2:1

    The Camry engine is 10.5:1 I believe and there are other cars (that Honda they mentioned) that also have that ratio with ULP. Even if it doesnt run on PULP it will be right up there with the Falcon engine.
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    Yeah, its kinda on the limit. Like I said......its all just soeculation. It should be as or more powerful than the Falcon engine though
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    Yeah true. Its also said to be able to rev out to 6500rpm, 1500rpm up on Falcon.
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    Yep thats what wheels said... I think the Commodore is similar to the Magna like that, either the 6 or the 8, cant remember which.
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    I don't like doin that. My car hitting the rev limiter is like hitting a brick wall.

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    i've read about this engine
    magazines _think_ it will have 200kW stock, non blown
    DOHC, and a type of Variable valve timing aswell.

    I thought the new block is 90 degrees still?
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    It's going to be 190kw standard with 5 speed auto. And I think its going to be going to 60 degrees.
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    ive seen dads ba go over 5000, and i dont know why it would only rev to 5000 thats aload of bs. though dad does own a gt.

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