New Honda S2000 & NSX won't arrive until 2009

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  1. The first model year of the S2000 was, well, ... in 2000

    Unless someone can correct me on that?
  2. No, the interior is FINE. It's not necessary to have an interior that makes you feel like your sitting on an Italian leather sofa with all the latest gadgets and conviences at your fingertips. YOU, like so many, have forgotten the true purpose of automobilia and what makes a car a car and suitable enough inside and out to function in a way that makes a driver enjoy the drive and is not worried about the quality of the materials of the interior. Just as long as one can feel comfortable in a car and drive, then THAT's what matters. If you dont like it, DONT BUY IT. Plain and simple. If you're the kind to be content with what a car has to offer and are not worried about feeling like you should be sitting in something that's worth 999 billion(lb or $), then THAT is a true enthusiast----one that is buying for the drive and performance, not buying for some "fine upholstered interior" or "latest interior design".
    A car's interior does NOT make it ANY less of a performer or less good a car as some "exotic". So dont complain. Dont talk about cars if you cant say something nice about it and go talk about the cars that you do like, not the ones that you dont.

    For all you complainers, grow up, and grow a man-ding and go cry to your mothers about cars instead of crying about them on here!

    GOD! Im tired of whining children on this site.
  3. There was nothing wrong to with the NSX.
  4. Truth.
  5. The S2000 was first released in 1999. Most were sold as 2000 models as they were relased after September, making them Yr 2000 models by grading only, but the fact is, the plate says 1999, which is what you go by when purchasing car 2nd hand, don't you?
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    I edited the personal attack out of your post. I hope you don't mind.

    I added, "Unless someone can correct me on that" to mean I wasn't 100% sure. That being said I'm STILL about 90% sure that all vin numbers will verify model/year being 2000+

    When you go to the link above to look up a car, and you select "Honda" and "1999" the S2000 doesn't even appear as an option. But when you jump to 2000 it does.
  7. But, LIKE I SAID, the ones made after September are classifed as 2000 models as that is when the new car year kicks in. But, some of those cars were still made prior to September, thus making them 1999 models.

    Want me to find a picture of the plate of someones car to prove it?

    Remember back in about September / October of 2006, when they were selling 2007 model Corvettes etc?
  8. They year the car is actually built is irrelevant. The first S2000 was sold as a 2000 model. Edmunds doesn't have a single 1999 S2000 for sale, nor does eBay, or any other site that I found. So yes, if you could find somebody's window sticker saying that they have a 1999 model year S2000, I would love to see it. Just because it was actually first released in 1999 does not mean that was the first model year of the car.
  9. """"They year the car is actually built is irrelevant""""

    Oh, now THATS GOLDEN. I'm not even going to BEGIN where to hammer you on this one.

    """Edmunds doesn't have a single 1999 S2000 for sale, nor does eBay, or any other site that I found."""

    Edmunds.... ebay....hmmmmm what country are they based in? *Gasp* The U.S... OMG no #$%#ing way!!!!! No wonder why you didn't find anything, because, as PREVIOUSLY STATED, they weren't released in the US until the year 2000.. I know this concept must be hard to grasp for people from the US, BUT, there are other countries in the world, AND they get shit before you do!!!!!

    The weblink I showed above, states 1999 for the 20 cars that are currently for sale on - Oz's largest car website for selling cars....FLick over the page, and you will come to page 2 with 2000, 2001 etc

    A window sticker you want, a window sticker you'll get. I'll see if I can also get a plate from under the hood, but I can't promise you on that.
  10. No, Bucknutz is correct. There is a differnce between model year and the year the model debuts. A 2000 model year car would start to be sold in 1999.
  11. uhhhh way to agree with me.....
  12. Not really. It's common knowlege that the model/year cars ARE sold starting at the end of the previous year. I used to own a 2001 Saleen Mustang S281, which I purchased in late 2000. But I sure as hell wouldn't call it a 2000 Mustang.
  13. On topic, I think it's quite hilarious that they're yet again pushing back the date for a new NSX. Although, I imagine it has something to do with the fact that Honda likes to make money rather than focusing time and money on developing expensive, low-volume sports cars.
  14. How are you going to hammer me on that one? Nobody sells or buys cars based on the year the car was actually built. They're sold based on the model year.

    You forget that nobody cares about Asstralia.
  15. +1
  16. I think you mean "stripping away it's slow"
  17. But it should at least be able to keep up with cars that cost thousands of dollars less.
  18. Why?

    You do realize that not everybody buys a car because of its engine output, right?
  19. While the forum may not agree on the NSX I think we all agree that you're completely irrational when it comes to anything automotive.

    NSX is ridiculously over priced. You're talking about a car that hasn't changed in 15 years and carries a $96,000 price tag. More than the Corvette Z06, 911, & Viper that all dominate the NSX on the street & track.

    The Corvette has gone from the C4, to the C5, to the C6
    The 911 has gone from the 964, to the 993, to the 996, to the 997
    The Viper has gone from the 1st to 2nd generation
    The NSX is the same old NSX that it was in 1990 but OMG it's got new [email protected][email protected]!

    Even the NSX's professional racing history is rather suspect. It never won any major international events like Le Mans, yet Corvette, 911, & Viper all have trophies there. In fact the only series the NSX was ever successful at was dubious Japanese racing series whose rules & regulations were little more than insurance that only Japanese makes could win it.
  20. Just curious, have you ever purchased a car 2nd hand?

    Like say, a 5 or 8yr old car? Or are you the "buy from a stealership only" type?

    When you purchased it, did the owner go, "The plate says 1999, but I first registered it in 2000, so its really a 2000 model car...."

    If you buy that, you're truely dense, and just lost $5K outta your own pocket.
  21. I'm pretty indifferent to this conversation but people who call dealerships "stealerships" are retards. I've never heard of a dealership pulling half the bullshit the local car shops try to pull. And in the rare instance where there is something major going on there is at least some sort of accountability and escalation process in which a situation can be taken up with the regional or corporate offices.
  22. The VIN number determines the year of the car, period. The registration, insurance, etc. are all going to reflext the actual model year.
  23. Way to avoid the questions....

    Hoping to get you a picture of a rego sticker / insurance paperwork and maybe if your lucky, a Vin plate within 24hrs.
  24. i had a good experience at my dealership when i bought my car, you just gotta have your game face on and be knowledgable on what you want when you go in.


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