New Impreza

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by KRSONe1, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. random picatures floating in the interweb
  2. wow, so ugly!
  3. Ok pics like the look of the evo 10. Some doode posted pictures of a evo nine but people just dised him, they actiallym are.
  4. What's with the grill style Subaru is using with all its concepts?
  5. get used to it, suby are trying to make their cars easily identifiable by using that ugly grill on all models (eventually anyway). a-la BMW, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, and so on. a marketing stint that i hope falls through (at least with this design).
  6. Subaru looks awesome
  7. agreed.
  8. it looks a lot more interesting at least. I think it will turn out alright. the mitsubishi looks awesome.
    I know this has been posted before but probably on the other board.
  9. oh yeah found this too
  10. That looks like ass. The center grille is just plain ugly. If you cut that out and went straight across it would look nicer.
  11. looks a little bit like the new legacy headlights...

    i dont know, the headlights look cool but that alfa romeo grill looks gay...
  12. It looks horrible.
  13. I don't like the front end styling at all.
  14. yeah
  15. The Impreza looks like some kind of retarded bird, while the Evo looks like some kind of some wild boar. Ugh.
  16. Ugliest car I have EVER seen.
  17. anything is better than the ugly ass front end they have on it now... anyway, i hope they figure out a way to make that grill look good on a car...
  18. the current impreza front end looks good imo, maybe this is because the former "bug eye" front was so ugly.
  19. Looks too European, but that isn't a bad thing
  20. not bad, better than the pics of the next evo
  21. wow, the future of car design, love the drawing with massive front camber (would probably eliminate understeer)
  22. EWWWWWW!! It's perfect now, leave it alone!!
  23. that is horrible.

    surely they had other ideas for the new corporate face that were better than this?


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