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  1. It uses a more expensive construction technique/materials than either of those cars.
  2. it seems that in this thread, a lot of people know precicely #$%# all.
  3. Buyers aren't going to give a shyt about a full carbon fiber monocoque.

    Anyone who knows anything about bang for buck knows this isn't in it's right price range.

    Taking the 220 lb slug, and lowering the cost would have been in their best interest, and maybe making a limited special edition with the carbon fiber monocoque would have been a smarter move.

    You can get a used Carrera GT, SLR, (new) LP-640, and 599 GTB which actually look like 300,000+ supercars for cheaper than this car, which is in competition with the cheaper Ferrari 458, and Mclaren MP4, which are already ahead in power/weight.

    This car is beautiful, but it doesn't look, or look like it would preform like an 350,000 car or even on the same level as the 458 and MP4....

    You think 150,000 R8/911 competitor when looking at this....

    Too many cars better for the price IMO
  4. *headdesk*

    The first line of your post demonstrates that you haven't got the faintest of ideas about why this car exists, so I stopped reading and decided to respond to you instead:

    Shut up, you're an idiot.
  5. I have to say, as awesome as I think this car is, these are mostly valid points, it just doesn't have the supercar clout.

    On the other hand there are a lot of people who are very devoted/nationalistic about Japanese cars, and would choose one over the euro equivalents. Maybe enough of them have enough money to make this work.
    Even if the performance of the car is similar, I think it's target market is different.
    For example, there are people who buy an R8 or 911 Turbo who would never consider buying a Ferrari or Lambo, and people who buy a ZR-1 that would never consider any of those cars. Similar performance doesn't always mean direct competition for buyers.
  6. Lmao, always quick to name call aren't we?
  7. So pretty much this car is for Toyota/Japanese engineering fanboys (not going to say any names), with money....

    Of course when a rapper/hollywood actor/Rich from Dubai hears about this they're going to buy it just because of the Lexus badge, or another expensive/exclusive car to add to their garage....

    But where does that leave the other 400 LFA's.....?
  8. So you're saying that people that like this car and have the money to buy it WILL buy it? #$%#ing newsflash to me
  9. What kind of idiot would take a toyota over a Lamborghini? 350k gets a damn LP640, let alone a loaded LP560 with change in hand.
  10. So will all the hate from the GT-R shift to the LF-A?
  11. What kind of idiot spends 350 grand on some #$%#ing car anyways?
  12. Dont be hatin us southerners' money making skillz.
  13. you heard me reggae boy.
  14. Man I don't even...
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  16. like primitive afrikan music? No way. I know you love to jigga dat nigga. Amirite homeboy??
  17. I like many kinds of music, that includes rap, yes. ur rite homeboy
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    Any talk about rap wont be complete without the obama of rap.

  19. ^^this^^

    the only reason to buy a $350k toyota over a lambo/ferrari is if you're filthy rich and already have a few lambos/ferraris sitting in the garage.

    if you have $350k to spend on ONE car, there is absolutely NO compelling reason to buy the LFA.......not even the exclusivity.

    personally i dont care for the styling, but i love the technical aspects of it......price it at $100-150k, and this is winner.........$350k and its just retarded.
  20. just watched the official video..........engine sounds amazing, probably one of the best sounding V10's

    however, the rear end is horrible.......the side silhouette is very MKIV supra-ish, but they got a little too busy with the tacky details.
  21. oh ya its a $300k supra lol
  22. Yeah, those with nothing better to do with their money, And those that buy it just to say "I own a 350,000 lexus/toyota"

    Now like I said... Where does that leave the other 400 LF-A's?
  23. No, the LF-A acutally looks/sounds good...
  24. Yes, it makes me feel all manly on the internet.

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