New MX-6?

Discussion in '1996 Mazda RX-01 Concept' started by MeanRex7, Aug 10, 2002.

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    its got its weight and probly some very quick gearing.
    would make for a kickass autocross car.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Mazda has been saying that they want to introduce a whole new line of rotary powered cars based off variations of the new RENESIS engine to the USA starting with the 2003 RX-8. They say we will also be getting the next gen RX-7 that will be faster and more expensive than the last. Two other possibilities I have herd about would be a rotary powered Miata and a new rotary powered MX-6. I think that if they put a 200hp motor in the RX-01 body it would make the perfect affordable sports car. Just look at it, it's beautiful!!!!

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    yeah it looks beautiful but remember it was displayed in '96, soon after the RX-7 was dropped of the US line up, this car hinted at the next RX-7 according to Mazda back then, but maybe it was just a shell carrying a new gen wankel engine... which is what really counts in this concept.<!-- Signature -->
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    hands up!!!!....
    rotary rules!!!....
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    Hell why not!!! Got to love this car looks although the HP lacks
    there is nothing a turbo cant fix?
    And a 6-Speed Close Ratio Gearbox will be a big bones but not needed
    60 comes up fast enough eh?

    Aint got a Rotor? Ya Dont have a Motor ???
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    The HP may be low, but it did the quarter mile in low 14's.
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    i think putting a rotary engine in a miata would be perfect to start up a rotary trend in america. and by putting it in a miata it would be easily affordable for most consumers.
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    I think this unintentionally became a prelude to the RX-8.<!-- Signature -->
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    Rotary Rules!!

    Too bad a car with a v8 will waste it.

    hahahahaha<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA whatever. Please don't breed
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    hands up!!!!....
    rotary rules!!!....

    i'll give u that much. rotary engines can be good. only when they are supplied with enough fuel. the RX-7 Twin turbo 3-rotary stopped begin made because of the rotary blowing up!! if mazda made a fuel system able to supply the rotary with enough fuel i would buy a mazda in a second.
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    Since the MX denotes that the engine has a more conventional powerplant, and the RX-01 has a rotary engine, this is more likely a possibly a future RX6.
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    New MX-6?


    I was wondering where the styling influence began with the RX-8. Now I'm confident that this is where they began with the styling for the new RX-8.


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