New Saturn Slogan

Discussion in '2002 Saturn Sky Concept' started by hondapwrd, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. The new slogan is "It's different in a Saturn". Hahaha. That's because the roadside goes by you slower.
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    actually it is "Different in a saturn" cause you are going by Hondas like they are standing still. And don't give m the bullshit about how all HOndas are faster than ALL saturns. Stock 1st Gen SC2's run mid-low 15's. Better than your average stock civic albeit.
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    civcs are better... they look better then any shitty saturn... now a days u see more "tuned" saturns and fords than the civic...
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    Have you ever heard Hondas slogan?

    Speed Kills, Drive a civic.

    You are watped by the peer pressure you feel by all of your friends that drive around and think that 10" exhaust is cool and that civic are second to none. I would take a Saturn over a Civic anyday. I have come to HATE Civics due to the idiot teenagers than put all of these stupid mods and they think they are the greatest racers ever.

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