New Styling required

Discussion in '2007 Sun-Red SR21' started by DIUS, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. why do the copy the lotus 7? can't they come up with an original styling?

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    New Styling required

    I agree, there's way too many companies that produce "super seven"-like cars.. But on the other hand, this makes them lower their prices a little to compete for the consumers..
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    I think there are 2 big reasons why they keep on cloning the Lotus 7.

    1: The Lotus 7 was in many regards one of the best true ultralight roadsters. It was one of the first cars to be turned into a kit so people think of kit cars looking in that image.

    2: These things are total toys. They are extremly small in real life and are designed to be produced w/o any real heavy tools. Because of this they use simple shapes and designs so that the cars can be easily assembled and cheaply made. Unfortunatly when everything has to be cheap, small and easy to build there are only so many ways the thing can turn out.

    I wouldent mind seeing a new nose being put on one of these things but and major restyling might make the car lose its real appeal.
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    i agree, it needs a new look, but frankly, the styling is timeless, and one look at something that looks like this does and you know its gonna fly
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    Yep, it's timeless, alright. It's in my dream garage right now...
  6. there is no real styling to this car, just body panels where they needed to cover something up, and that's it, thats why all f1 cars look alike, they only have what they need to meet regulations

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