New Supercar 1/4 Mile

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Krillmeister, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Ford GT = 550hp
    Zonda F = 650hp
    Mercedes SLR = 626hp
    Saleen S7 TT = 750hp
    Koenigsegg CCR = 806hp
    Bugatti Veyron = 1001hp
    Ferrari Enzo = 660hp
    Murcielago LP640 = 640hp
    Carrera GT = 612hp
    Ascari A10 = 600hp
  2. Veyron the Almighty I
  3. wich car would be 2nd fastest ?
  4. That's actually a hard question, it'd be tight between S7TT and CCR
  5. i actually think the CCR would beat the veyron.
  6. So do i, but it will be the smallest possible difference :D
  7. Veyron would surely win but I would take CGT by far!
  8. It's between Veyron and CCR
  9. 1/4 miles have no passion
  10. Why vote on performance. The car is either faster or it isn't.

    #$%# this forum.
  11. Bugatti Veyron

    Koenigsegg CCR
    Saleen S7TT

    Murcielago LP640

    Zonda F
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ascari A10
    Carrera GT
    Ford GT

    Mercedes SLR
  13. you need one less space between the Veyron and CCR
  14. Bugatti with out a doubt, although I hear the CCX did 9.9 seconds. The S7 Twin Turbo will do 10.4 at it's best.
  16. veyron and then right on its tail are the CCR and S7TT

    CCR will probly do a better quarter then the S7, slightly. It has a supercharger on a small[er] engine so it only gets going at high RPMs, thats why the S7 kicks its ass to 60 but at higher speeds, the extra 55horses will have something to say.

    now if it was the aftermarket 1000HP S7, then, wow, it would be that.
  17. I'm laughting my ass off at how many fanboys voted CGT.
  18. Exactly what I thought! What a bunch of idiots!
  19. estimated 1/4 mile times using cartest:

    Koenigsegg CCR - 9.9s @ 147.9mph
    Saleen S7 TT - 10.4s @ 139.4mph
    Bugatti 16/4 Veyron - 10.4s @ 137.0mph
    Pagani Zonda C12 F - 10.5s @ 136.5mph
    Ferrari Enzo - 11.0s @ 133.5mph
    Porsche Carrera GT - 11.3s @ 129.1mph
    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren - 11.9 @ 122.8mph
    Ford GT - 12.0 @ 123.3mph

    dont have the data for the LP640 or the Ascari

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