*NEW* UK 03 Civic Type-R

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    the reshaped civic type r looks more aggressive and has a lightened flywheel, and stiffer shocks amongst other things. The rear lights are also half lexus style.

    I didnt like it as much at first but havin seen one on the road its much more aggressive.

    0-60 now just 6.5s.
    check it on

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    The funny thing is that the site quotes acceleration as 6.4 and 6.8 in two different locations, I'd say 6.5 is a good estimate, but it's probably capable of quicker acceleration.

    I think they need to lower the car more (for the type-R version they should probably clip 10cm off the body - vertically, add a few cm to the width of the wheelbase, perhaps widen the body, lower the dash, and lower the driver's seat) and improve the handling a little.

    It's a great car though.
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    man dont lower the steering wheel i hardly fit in it anyway. (one of the burdens of being tall)
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    it is a great car.

    For people who dont know the stats

    197BHP (UK Ver) Jap has 220!
    this one is 0-60 in 6.7 while new revised shape is 6.5(ish)
    17in alloys
    Smoothest, sharpiest gearbox this side of the S2000.
    Revs all the way to 8500rpm.

    Sounds AWESOME above 6k.

    only £15995
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    no one can diss this car. quick and cheap. looks great too, especially the new one.
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    Kudos to you man.

    Though I read somewhere that the JDM Type-R is capable of 5.8 for 0-100km/h, do you know anything about this?
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    i dont know myself,

    i doubt 20BHP extra can shave off that much.

    I've seen quotes in magazines of 0-60 in 6.4 for the UK, so maybe the JDM can go in low 6s.

    i would love to take one over to US/Canada and watch the masses of Honda Lovers drool over what is "fairly" common but still cool over here. You Yanks love your orignal JDM stuff and stuff you cant get over there. You only have the SI. We dont even get it here. the other fast(ish) civic we have is the Civic Type-S which is a 5 Door.

    its the same engine as the SI i believe 160BHP.

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