New Viper Concept Coupe!!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Vipergt662, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. A couple more pics.
  2. yes indeed it does.
  3. aka, vast improvement.

    to me, it somehow looks a lot like the old GTS, but it might just be the pictures. either way i think it looks absolutely awesome. build that shit right now chrysler.
  4. That is most definatly awesome. Looks #$%#ing brilliant.
  5. Whaaa? No way, the Viper will smoke the Z06 anytime, the SRT-10 has 100 bhp more than the Z06, how could it ever follow?
  6. 2006 Z06 = 500 horsepower, according to various sources.
  7. ?!? Since when? I thought it was 405 or something like that?

    Edit: Well anyway, the Viper still smokes it.
  8. 2006! not 2003 or some other C5 Z06 Corvette
  9. false. i'm pretty sure even with 100 less horsepower, the present zo6 is still within reach of the performace of the viper, road racing wise. correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. You thought the new Z06 was only going to have 5 more hp than the standard C6? That doesn't make a lot of sense. It will also definitely weigh less than the Viper, but of course it would be easy to give the Viper a lot more power too.
  11. Absolutely perfect! The old GTS was my favorite Viper, and one of my favorite modern cars, especially in that color combo. This one takes that and modernizes it just enough.

    Looks like the Ford GT just got some serious competition for my top 5 cars list...
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  13. It looks kind of RX7ish, but I like it.
  14. looks good...i thought they would flatten out the roof panel to match the rest of the body, but they are design professionals they know what they're doin.
  15. It looks awesome, I can't wait! Definitely a nice color to choose though. I just wish I could see more of the side or rear profile. On a side note, the second picture sort of reminds me of the Cerbera Speed 12.

    Edit: I now just read the rest of the thread and saw the link posted up above and I must say this is shaping up to be one nice car. I thought it was just going to be a hardtop form of the SRT-10 but somehow, its much more than that. It is basically the modern interpretation of the classic GTS coupe but with... ah, I can't describe it. I'm just getting to caught up in the moment. Anyway the design looks great and hopefully the production model won't be too far off from this.
  16. your correct, some tracks the vette wins some the viper but the vette is known as more comfertable every day driver. while at the same time having 100hp less and almost half the pricetag. the next Z06 should easily beat the viper with no problems for less money no less, it only makes sense.
  17. teh viper requires a very capable driver to get the good times outta it
  18. Im sure the C6 Z06 will have something like 435~450hp when it comes out. We wont know anything till the car comes out anyways
  19. This is so good news! I always been a fan of the GTS, and this one looks totaly badass. I really hope i will reach production!
  20. True about not knowing much until Januaray, but as far as horsepower goes 430-450 is way low according to what Bob Lutz has said.
  21. heh. looks nicer than a Ferrari 430
  22. Awesome better than a ferrari 430
  23. I don't know about that.
  24. All I can say is...SEXXXY!!!
  25. No, I believe that's pretty much safe to say. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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