NEW Z06!!!!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by fordracing, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. by not saying otherwise you admit the C6 Z06 will be a better performer than the F430 for 100 grand less.
  2. you avatar looks slightly like bbcstache2.
  3. On a similar note, the Dodge Neons in NHRA Pro Stock use 1300 horsepower, 500 cid Hemis and a Lenco 5-speed tranny. Obviously this means the 2006 Neon will have a slightly detuned version, like a 550-hp 426 Hemi with a Cross-Ram intake and a G-Force 5-speed.
  4. AWD too cause their borrowing Mercedes' system. Cause we all know AWD is hte greatest thing since lubrication cream.
  5. please don't cry, I know how you feel, you must be devastated (as I am)...
  6. I'm already going to a psychiatrist because of that comment. My life is ruined.
  7. suicide is your only option.
  8. It's always the same story. ZR-1 vs. 355, Z06 vs 360 and the new Z06 vs. F430. They all perform similarly but one costs a whole lot less that the other. The Ferrari is a car made by hand, artisan things cost a whole lot more than things that are produced in a series by a machine. Having said that, if I had the money to buy the Ferrari I would, if I didn't I would get the Corvette and get the same speed but not the same thrills/looks/driving experience, but at least I'm saving 100,000$.
  9. I know, I tried to commit suicide but the bullet didn't worked... it was a message from God, now I'm a pure GM fanboy. Long live GM!
  11. Performance wise this time it might be a different story, the vette is going to be lighter and more powerful.

    And me I wouldnt buy the F430 even if I did have the money, but I am not a fan of the 360 and 430 at all. I find them ugly, I would pick a F355 over the 360 and 430 becuase IMO it looks and sounds better but I am unsure about the 430 becuase I have yet to hear it.
  12. What up, fanboy?
  13. Man, you're good at predicting next-gen powerplants.
  14. You can't judge a car without driving it.

    Personally, I'd take a 360 over a Vette anyday, because from what I've read, it seems like a totally different driving experience.

    I think the 355 looks better too, but no pictures do a 360 justice. You've gotta see one in real life.
  15. Exactly. These cars haven't even been tested and he's already speculating.
  16. you are all paranoid retards, the new Z06 is going to be an economy car(or so my sources say).
  17. Obviously performance is everything, therefore the C6 Z06 will be the better car, when it exists.
  18. you and your sad ass joke fail.
  19. and my name is BArt
  20. New carbon fiber, tranmision. Carbon fiber suspension.
    it will weigh the same as a the new Ninja 170kg.
  21. i know people that weigh more than that.
  22. Come on man, $35,000! The C5 ZO6 was about $52,000 and although I'm not sure I believe that is now around the going price for a new C6.
  23. good god
  24. it's amazing that one, people are getting so upset, and two, that people are arguing 'the facts' in here.
  25. Haha! is retarded.

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