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  1. So I guess having new paint colors counts as a new model now?
  2. I couldn't agree more. Today my friend said to me, "What's with that new Bugatti 'Sang Yang' thing?"

    I understand the desire to personalize, but don't call it a new model. This is just ridiculous.
  4. Not a new car by any means, BUT, the Sang Noir is an impossibly sexy version of the Veyron, which is astonishing in every way, especially when you consider the fact that these cars are so incredibly well-made, that they will last forever and still shine like new in 10 years. A TRUE MASTERPIECE from VW!
  5. Why, oh why doesn't Mercedes buy Aston Martin and Jaguar to resuscitate these top marques? Can you only imagine the potential of such a marriage? Astons with a proper engines - AMG engines with 700+ bhp and 1000+ NM and voiala, Astons are dreamcars once again!
  6. Because ze brits don't want to be owned by ZE GERMANS!!!
  7. All the new Veyron models differ in looks mostly, the performance is roughly the same throughout the line.

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