Next Enzo Previewed in July R&T

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by jnestory, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. yes because your all encompassing Ferrari knowledge knows this, STFU
  2. why do you say that?
  3. does ANYONE have the drawing picture?
  4. You know it'll be ugly, why bother.
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  6. cool, looking forward to it.
  7. I think so too, no new enzo will be made.

    and ferrari is not going to make a car with 800+hp
  9. STFU!
  10. I have it now... I don't have a working scanner, but I can take a pic for you.
  11. photo. ASAP.
  13. hmm...that looks like the alfa diva, but with Failure thrown in.
  14. Lol... I think it is HAWT!
  15. erm..............
  16. It's a friggen concept produced by the magazine. I don't understand why people comment on these renders as if it's the real thing.

    Hopefully it will look good.
  17. a lot of recent magazine depictions of Ferraris have looked BETTER than the actual thing.
  18. haha they made it even uglier.
  19. hmmm looks alot different from that mille miglia concept posted a while ago I dont like this one as much but with 800HP 200lbs lighter and better over all handling along with being street legal, i could get used to the looks.
  20. don't say...thanks for offering your unique perspective to the mix. I've only heard it fom you 8000 times.
  21. I like to force my opinions on people.
    Im oppressive like that.
  22. I wish the F430 loked like that.

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