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  1. Both teams are good at home.
  2. There have been plenty of game 7s in the playoffs, but there haven't been that many game 7s in the Stanley Cup Finals. I think 2003 was the last time it happened.
  3. flames tampa went to 7. Year after Edm and Car went to 7
  4. He's a detroit fan. He wants this game to feel special.
  5. yeah man but look at those teams. you cant have a serious stanley cup final when teams involved are tmapa bay or edmonton.
  6. How the hell do you think got there?

    They were good teams in those years. And if you are talking about shitty teams to watch, detroit comes up with some of the all time most boring wins in the entire NHL.
  7. i donno man, the final seems stupid when you you have shitty teams playing in it, even if they managed to somehow be good for one year. and though i'm rooting for pens right now, i love watching detroit play, they're so organized, such skilled players, just overall a great team. they're the manU or Barcelona of the NHL. they play a level above most other teams.
  8. the triple OT game for the stars to win the cup was pretty amazing, if you ask me.

    its been a great series and playoffs, but its hardly the most epic cup ever.
  9. Just gotta win one, ONE at the Joe, come on.

    Probably gonna come down to Fluery, which... yeah.
  10. I hope it goes in overtime, that would be great.
  11. Finally someone that get's it. They're not boring, they're a well oiled machine, playing the game the way it SHOULD be played.
  12. Come on home ice advantage!!!
  13. I think the key word here is machine. While one may appreciate the strategy, management, execution and deapth it doesn't translate into particularly interesting Hockey most of the time.

    Think of it like music. No one would dispute the fact that guys like Satriani, Vai, etc. are exceptionally tallented musicians and technically superb. It still doesn't translate into anything that I would want to listen to.

    Edit - Detoit lacks passion. They are like the Audi of sports cars or like Mika Hakkinen when he was in F1.
  14. Nothing would give me more pleasure than watching Detroit lose at home.
  15. I prefer to see my team win at home. I mean, winning the Cup at all is fantastic, but last year in Mellon Arena it just didn't feel as special as the moment should have. I have a feeling Pittsburgh would feel the same thing IF they win tonight. They won't, of course. Anyway, it's not like you have a choice, we won't be going back to Pittsburgh either way.
  16. I've only watched a few minutes of the games up til now, but I'll probably watch tonight.
  17. So I was texting a girl I've kinda been seeing that I'm going to a buddies to watch the Stanley Cup. She texted back, "Is that...soccer? Hahaha I'm assuming it is hahah thatll be fun! Hope you have a great time!!"


    I honestly dont think I can talk to this girl anymore.
  18. 20 more minutes.
  19. *32 seconds.
  20. Holy shit last last.

    Guess Hossa probably should've shown up if he really wanted a cup.
  21. Let's not beat around the bush: none of them showed up.
  22. Sure, but Hossa's story is so lol.
  23. Not really. It's far from unique. It certainly would have been worse if we had gone out in round one, but we took Pittsburgh as far as is possible without winning the Cup. Hell, Hossa isn't even the only player ON THIS TEAM to be on that boat.
  24. Go Pens, baby!!!
  25. Really? How many of those other players on the team turned down a long-term mega-buck deal in which he would have a chance to play with some of the best young players in the league so he would have a better chance to win the cup?

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