nice car and everyfin but..........

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  1. Re: Best Lambo. of the 80's

    NM, I just saw that the 25th doesn't have the ones from this, (the ones on this are little black things right behind the door (behind and below the naca duct)<!-- Signature -->
  2. to all you folks who say these kinds of cars are crappy....

    One summer day in 1999, I drove up to a high end pre-owned dealership in my '92 LT1 convertible. Let me tell you, my opintion of that car was and still is VERY high. What a fantastic car to own and drive. But I went to this dealership to have a test drive in an '86 Countach QV CARB. Here in Canada they let the carb Countaches stay as is (no EPA to worry about, so we didn't have to convert to fuel injection and lose 35 horse) so we had the 455 horsepower (nya nya) Anyways, I got in the passenger seat, swung the door down, and the salesman took me for a 5 minute blast. 5 minutes was enough to convince me that the 13 year old Countach QV was a way hotter car than the '92 vette. I got in the vette after the ride in the QV, gave it gas up through 2nd and 3rd gear (which usually feels awesome) and thought "geez, this thing is slow!"

    What I'm getting at is that I have actual experience with these type of cars. Corvettes (I've driven 5 ranging from '80 to '98) this Lamborghini, a Ferrari, etc. and I DON'T consider ANY of these cars to be shit. You folks who start a thread saying Lamborghini sucks or Ferrari sucks and this or that; you have no idea what it ACTUALLY feels like to be involved with ANY of these cars. If you did, you would be changing your story. Case in point: how many of you would say something like "sleeping with this Playboy model would be crappy" or "getting head from that Playboy model would be shit" It's just ridiculous to call an exotic car shit.
  3. Re: hey or you wrx fans look this kills a wrx in half and its a

    HAHA!!You moron HSV lovers know absoloutly nothing about cars ( as if people can't tell by the type of cars you like anyway) A WRX is a turbo 4 this is a non-tubo 5.2 V12, this was born a supercar, the WRX was born for rallying.<!-- Signature -->

    small dick jokes

    there r way better lambos than this shit<!-- Signature -->

    um, no.<!-- Signature -->
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    1 from the best cars in the world

    Hi to every one im new here and i have to say its good to meet people who love cars like me <IMG SRC="">
    Peroen your uncle is a lucky man... Its good to have a car like this but not every one can get it i dont have money for this one but i got a Lamborghini Replica 5000s the car is awsome anyplace i gooo people watch at me....and Im gonna tell ya all Lamborghini fans where you can get 1 of them just go to there is everything you need to know
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    cool man. welcome to the site. you'll learn much from these forums. trust me. <!-- Signature -->
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    That place uses Fiero bases-lol<!-- Signature -->
  10. best car of that year

    one thing wrong with this car it's a 5 speed!!!!!!!! other than that it kicks ass just like any other lambo out there
  11. Real performance (very fast)

    The Countach LP5000QV had acceleration ahead of its time! Almost equal to '90 Diablo! Fast Lane tested the Countach and came out with amazing numbers:

    0-60 mph: 4.2 seconds
    0-100 mph: 10.0 seconds
    1/4 mile: 12.5 seconds
    top speed: 181.1 mph (different source)

    (Fast Lane tested it and said 190 mph, but the way they measured top speed was unreliable. But the way they tested acceleration was reliable. It is true that Lamborghini claimed 450 hp, but that there were some with 470 hp, so this one might be one with 470 hp. But that is only a very small difference of 0.1 seconds or less and doesn't matter much!)

    The reason these numbers are so fast is because the Countach they tested had the engine broken in already (they used the it a lot). Lamborghini engines more than other companies need more time to brake into the car. But the car was stock and had no tuning! These numbers show the Countach in its full potential. A Countach strait from the factory that not have engine broken in yet would probably do:

    0-60 mph: approx 4.5 seconds
    0-100 mph: approx 10.2 seconds
    1/4 mile: approx 12.8 seconds

    This is very similar to the accleration of the DIablo 2WD from 1990 (492 hp) strait from the factory, tested by Quattroroute:

    0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds (0-62 mph tested 5.1 seconds because of gear change)
    0-100 mph: 9.7 seconds
    1/4 mile: 12.7 seconds

    The Diablo gets ahead here however because the Diablo is faster at higher rpm and high speeds. A Diablo that has been broken in (used a lot already) would probably give similar acceleration results as the Countach tested in FastLane!

    Also interesting: Countach had unusually large "rev-band" for a V12 car, so even though the Countach did not have VVT, it stilll had plenty of torque at low rpm. the Diablo's did not have VVT before '98 so the '90 Diablo might not accelerate as fast as the Countach at low rpm. But the Diablo accelerated faster at high rpm because it had more power. And it accelerated better at high speeds too.

    So although the Countach did not have as high top speed as the Diablo and it didn't handel as well, it could accelerate just as fast in the 1/4 mile (0-400m). And the Countach had better handeling than the Testarosa, anyway!
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    Re: Real performance (very fast)

    Stats for Countach come from

    You can comapre test results from Road & Track on US version countach with only 420 hp (30 hp less).Road and Track say it is more than 1 seconds slower on the 1/4 mile! It is because R&T did not push the car in order to get the best numbers. R&T did the same with the Diablo (they did not push it hard enough). R&T does good times for some cars, but sometimes not for others. And Car and Driver sometimes does the same thing.

    Autocar did 13.0 seconds with a brand new Countach for the 1/4 mile, and that is an OK figure. It may reflect the time of a COuntach that has not had the engine broken in yet. But Autocar also does not always give the best results for Lamborghini's. They use the technique of acceleration that is best for less powerful cars like Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari 360 Modena and F355, because they let go of the clutch and then accelerate. That is good for less powerful cars, but for more powerful cars like the Contach and Diablo, you can get the best results by raising engine to high rpm (5000 or 6000) and then letteing go of the clutch. So with different technique of acceleration it may be a little faster, and with a little more use it may be even faster. Fast Lane did that and got 12.5 seconds! Very fast!
  13. Re: Real performance (very fast)

    Cool, thanx dude.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Re: vector w8 with less curve on sides

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from torito87</i>
    <b></b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


    are you stupid or WHAT?!<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: vector w8 with less curve on sides

    Torito... consider this: The countach has retired-well thats not
    important. This Countach was the year 1986. The Vector W-8 is 1991.
    (I think its '91.) So think - how is it a vector with less curves,
    if the Vector didn't exist when this came out?<!-- Signature -->



  17. Re: nice car and everyfin but..........

    yeah a maranello and a countach are nice carz but notting import will comme close to match the vipers performance and value!! I mean 450 hp for 70 000$ is a good deal!! And the looks of the viper are better. I mean thats true detriot muscle!! <IMG SRC=""> so chek out this burnout
  18. Re: nice car and everyfin but..........

    Yeh, the 550 AND the viper are great cars, but....

    The Countach is a Classic.<!-- Signature -->
  19. Re: nice car and everyfin but..........

    Deer sirs
    The Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV is a very nice car to drive and very very fast. Try one. <!-- Signature -->
  20. Re: i saw this get beat of the lights by a..........!!!!

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from PURE PORSCHE 911</i>
    <b>i saw this lambo get thrashed off the lights by an escort rs turbo(modified)!!! the bloke in the lambo must av been well gutted..
    lambo looks fast but is not!!!!!! (never be decieved by looks)!!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->The Lamborghini could have been a replica...<!-- Signature -->
  21. Re: i saw this get beat of the lights by a..........!!!!

    Key word !MODIFIED!. You can modify a lot of cars to beat stock vehicles! modified vs stock dosent work
  22. Re: i saw this get beat of the lights by a..........!!!!

    true, the poster just wasn't thinking.
  23. Re: nice car and everyfin but..........

    a lamborghini diablo will piss and shit on a viper, and the countach may not be as fast but a HELL of alot more stylish
  24. Re: i saw this get beat of the lights by a..........!!!!

    Yeah. There are a lot of replicas around the place.
  25. Re: nice car and everyfin but..........

    This car is from NINETEEN EIGHTY SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Need i say any more?

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