Nice car but I'd take a Honda S2000

Discussion in '2001 BMW Z3 M Roadster' started by vwdrivervw, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Wow HP/l is important?! You are really stupid. How does HP per litre make the car faster or better handling. A better comparison could be HP/weight. Think of this: on one hand you have a highly tuned 2.0L engine that revs high and gets about 300 hp. It weighs 800lbs. The other engine is a lightweigt V8 that has a 5L displacement also produces about 300 hp and weighs about 750 lbs. Now the V8 will be a better choice for most applications because it will produce more low end torque that will be more constant through the entire rev range, It will also be more practicle for every day driving because you do not need to go to high rpm to find accesable power. The only time HP/l matters is when you have a racing class that requires a specific displacment.<!-- Signature -->
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    come on, the hondas2000 oputperforms the z3 m, and it gets better gas mileage, and in my opinion, looks better. it also costs 20,000 less
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    okay, first of all...The prices are not $20,000 apart, unless the Z3 costs around $74,000 Canadian, me and my freind were at a Honda dealership once just for the hell of it, and the S2000 would cost around $54,000....thats almost ten grand more than an '01 Corvette. Me personally would take Z3, i love this car, and i've driven both the S2000, and a Z3, took them for a test drive.(thats what i do in my spare time, go around test driving cars.)the Z3 is more powerfull, and in my opinion, better looking. i saw a Civic with S2000 headlights and taillights in a magazine once, after i got my head out of the toilet bowl, i never looked at honda the same way again. The Z3 is one of those cars that you dont need to tune to make good...except maybe a big ass exhaust, cause they're always fun...^_^
    Once i saw that you can take other honda parts, and put them on cars 6 years older, you want to is a good idea, but not a freakin S2000 and a civic!!! honda's should stick with Hondas, and BMW's should stay the way they are...kick ass.
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    ya, the z3m is nice, and your wrong about its price, its price is 32, its just that some dealers are known to jack up the prices on the s2000, and the newer z3m is more powerful and the price lowered, still 15000 more, but it has cool features, but so does the s2000. i think they r both good cars. in the end, i would probably end up aking the bmw, because its more safe, and now its ore powerful. i'll have to take a ride in one of em'.
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    They BMW is more money but the S2000 is nice. I would in the end get the Beemer cuz you can tell your girlfriend you drive a beemer instead of a Honda.
  6. I like the luxurious BMW, but I dont have 50,000 dollars. If I did, I'd buy a Honda S2000 or a SVT Cobera.<!-- Signature -->
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    If you had the money why not get a better car? In terms of performance the new S54 M Roadster absolutely destroys the S2000. The cobra can't keep up with the more refined, better handling, and MUCH better braking M Roadster either. Given, the S2000 horsepower to liter ratio is very appealing, however its just not big enough to compete with the 315hp MZ3. <!-- Signature -->
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    The S2000 is too plain, and it's still a HONDA. The SVT Cobra is nice, very nice, but it is still a FORD MUSTANG no matter what. Hell, I'd love to have the 10L V8 Boss Mustang that the SV team played around with, but then I would realize that it's still a Mustang. C'mon here, 315 hp in a car that weighs virtually nothing? I'd go with that.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah me too
  10. Re: My ass looks better than this car

    I'd go with this car
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    I agree, I'll take the Honda S2000 over this car.
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    s2000rulez...the hell are you talking about? The S2000 outperforms the M-Roadster? I think you're about crazy bro. Tell ya go get in your S2000, I'll take my M-Roadster. We can go to a nice backroad, lots of curves, and the occasional straightaway. Let's see which car can take the other. I've driven an S2000. And I have to say that it is more in league with a regular Z3 than a Motorsport. The S2000 can't touch the M-Roadster's handling. I'll even take my Z3 Coupe out there too. Although it weighs 3600 lbs., I'll still out corner you. I've never driven a car that handles as well as a Z3, Z3 Coupe, or the M's.
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    BMW will ALWAYS beat Honda. the S2000 is a good car...but it can not beat a BMW. Sorry.
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    The fact that it's a high performance BMW is enough for me, I love it and would take it over the S2000 almost any day. (Sometimes when I see an S2000 in person it makes me think differently, but then i regain my senses!) For me, it may just be that I don't hear enough accolades for the S2000, unlike the M Coupe and Roadster, where all you hear are good things.

    Plus, in the back of my mind, I alway see the DISTURBING IMAGE of this S2000 I saw at "Hot Import Daze" in Pittsburgh.... uuuggghhhhh. It had this enourmous supercharger, like chrome tubing for it, was sooo disfigured from a wild body kit, had the bigget bottle of NOS on display ever, and was jammin the biggest sound / playstation 2 / television system ever. ALL of these PEOPLE were crowding around it fast and the furious style, like pointing to an aftermarket engine mount and being like "theres another turbo charger!" It should have been tossed off a cliff. I think that hurt my fellings of the S2000 pretty bad.
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    you can definitly get a better car for 50k, but it all comes down to taste.
    see i'd rather have a TVR, be original and have a FAST car. then just a 'normal' and common BMW
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    who wouldnt want a tvr over a bmw?
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    Hell no! You're crazy!
    2001 BMW Z3: Luxury, speed, handling, what more could I get?
    2001 Honda S2000: A bit of luxury, slower, but handles a bit better (I think)
    2002 SVT Cobra: Speed, a bit of handling, sure is hell ain't luxurious!

    I pick the Z3
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    why an s2000
    is it faster? no
    is it better made? no
    is it more luxurious? no
    does it handle better? no
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    Well i would take the bmw cause my dad drives on around too work and all its kind of a metallic sky blue ill try to get pic of it. S2000 are good to but this is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.
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    Yeah, my dad also has a 99' M-Roadster and its quite the zippy little car. If you want it to it can really get up and go though. He dosent drive it to work though. It's his weekend rocket. Anyways... He is n the BWM club and they had a track day last weekend and there was a little S-2000 there and it really wasnt that fast. My dad isnt a race car driver but even though the honda driver was, the roadster was faster. So was the M-3's the M-5's and the Z-4. There was even a Z-8 there (not racing though). So to sum up my point, the s-2000 dosent handle that good and isnt that fast, and in my opinion that they are not as good looking. What the hell was the club thinking when they let the S-2000, a 4 banger, out on the track with all the straight 6's and v-8's of BMW M-Power
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    i'd take the bmw any day bmw's proven themselves in every in just about every year honda cant compete w/a bmw
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    What do ya mean, "it's a Honda". One word, NSX-R. But here's an idea worth thinkin' about...

    HONDA MUGEN S2000 versus BMW Z3 M ROADSTER. They're both tuned...

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    The S2000 is crap. It's motor is crap. Hell, the RSX Type-S is an Inline-4 and it produces 200 horsepower at 7400 RPM. Meanwhile, the S2000 still has about 1000 more RPMs to go before it hits its peak...of 240 horsepower. Wow, I could spend my extra ten grand on engine modifications that would make the RSX Type-S's motor more than surpass the S2000 in horsepower (an RSX Type-S with 6-speed and leather starts at $23,320, where as the S2000 starts at $32,600).

    But, enough about that. Back to the subject. I would choose the BMW just because chicks dig bimmers (or, more aptly put, expensive cars). Yeah!

    P.S. - Don't let women lie to you, it is all about that.
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    dont hate the S2000 cuz its better...
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    S2000 is about as crappy as they come. How can anyone say it's good defies me. I have a z3 and it looks the business but I think the handling could be better - my last car was a 993 and I think it was such a cool car but as it was coming up to 8 years old I got rid of it. I regret it now but the z3's growing on me and the wind in the hair makes the sacrifice almost worthwhile (but my next car will be a Porsche!!!)

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