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    I don't think it needs to be a roadster to be a sportscar, but I do agree that a civic need not apply for the moniker either. My Father had a 260 in the same colour, I once had it up to an indicated 140 (it was modified) and it was still accelerating when I chickened out and backed off. Great cars for not a lot of money, relativly maintance free (compared to European cars of the time) and stylish. It is not a well known fact, but Pininfarina did have a hand in cleaning up some of the 240's final shape. I like the fairlady Z better.. it had a longer nose and no upper grill.
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    I have a '71 240Z w/ an old hipo 350 in it. Purists piss me off. The only Z I would feel bad about putting a different engine in is a 69 or 70 in pretty much perfect shape. The Zs engine bay can fit some pretty damn big engines in it. A few guys have big blocks. Another guy I know has an RB26DETT in his Z. I think the coolest engine to put in it would be the 20B, though.

    Also, Fairlady Z is just the 240s name in Japan. I think you're talking about the G Nose. That was a factory option in Japan and you can buy the kits at a few different places.
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    Yes, there are few cars the 20b wouldn't improve. It is the 13B jacked up on steroids, with a tri-turbo system and porting and whatnot they can be tuned to over 900bhp. But that's all just bs. Anyone lucky enough to own a 20B would do a lot better to put it in the mother of rotary, the one and only rx-7.

    I wanted to comment on something said earlier. The rx-7, supra, 300zx, etc... are all sportscars by any conventional definition. They aren't _roadsters_ but they're sportscars.
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    yes, indeed. The 240 Z, plus the RX-7, Miata, MR2, supra, WRX, skyline, celica, NSX, type-R, the newer vers. of the above (300ZX) and whatever else, they all fall under the "sportscar" genre. along with the greatest of the greatest european superspeed.

    and, there you have it.

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  5. OG

    The Z car that started the Z movement.
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    It will soon be reborn(350Z)<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    damn right!<!-- Signature -->
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  9. Performance Bargain!!!

    Fantastic classic. Cheap. Fast. Need I say more?
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    The problem was that the future of this car produced disappointments to the Z badge, the newest 350Z and the 300ZX are not the same car that this great car was. the Z had a great start, but as i get to know more and more about the Z cars, it seems like they deteriorated in what they originally were. This would have to be the best car in the Z range for the time when released. I hope Nissan can come up with a new and great car in future, that can re-birth the z name.
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    ya this car was a great deal. back in '69 u could buy it new for about $3500

    I love the Z types. My favorite japanese cars. They do nothnig better than raw power in a lil car. Live on Z-types!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  13. The best pre-90's Japanese sport import

    This was a really a fast and good looking car, not ugly and square like most Japanese cars still are today. It would be great if Nissan would create a Datsun sports car division and produce a new 240Z. I would rather see the name Datsun than Nissan on it not that it matters. I may talk bad about some inports but never a bad word about the 240Z, my only complaint about the last years of the 300ZX was they were only fast in the twin-turbo models. I do like American cars better.
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    As a driver of a 280ZXT and a caretaker of a 240Z I would like to thank you for being an openminded american car-liking guy. Too many people overlook the good things Japan has put on the streets.
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    Your idea was met, halfway. In the mid-90's, Nissan commissioned selected Z restoration shops to provide them with bare-metal restored Z's, with nearly all new hardware. They sold for $25K MSRP, and even came with a 12-month warranty. I remember checking one of these beauties out at my local dealer. It felt like being in a timewarp, everything under the hood was so bloody clean and gleaming, spotless. If I had $25K, one of these puppies would surely be in my garage right now. Reportedly, one of these restored Z's was sold at auction in Monterey for $40K, though you can find them from time to time on ebay for much cheaper (though with about 10K miles on the clocks).
  16. i'm gettin one of these!

    in like a year when i can drive i am gettin one of these beauties. I usually don't like imports but this one i could definetly get used to <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    I own a 260Z which is not as good, but these cars, were great and if you want to modify them, a skyline engine fits right into them.
  19. Z 432/Z 432-R

    If anyone has any pictures/articles/information and the Z432 and Z432R models please let me know!
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    did you look on this site?<!-- Signature -->
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    I have a '76 260Z not quite as good as the 240Z, but still a good car to own, because it's such and old car it has it's problems, but they are easily fixed.
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    This is my first car, and still is my car...actually i got my 73 less than a month ago. it has the 2.8L from a 280zx and the twin side draft carbs from the 72 model, apparantly pushing somewhere near or past 160 hp <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>, roll bar and perfect leather seats. rust free<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> i love that car. beautifully light and fast, awesome body styling and it just feels right to sit in the drivers seat
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    i think i've seen one... my friend's got one rusting in his forest. kinda sad when you think about it.

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