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  1. what is perfect weather to you?
    I've toyed with the idea of moving to UK (short term, 6 months, or a year, just for a change), and friends say immediately how bad the weather is.
    While winter does sound terrible, it doesnt sound much colder than Canberra, which is typically -4C overnight, with a maximum of 6 or 8 during the day.
    But Summers generally sound more bearable. (rain aside)
    While Australian summers sound good in theory, if you're working, and not near a beach or exercising, anything above 33C is painful to be outside, and you just end up being uncomfortable and drenched in sweat. And our UV index at its lowest, is always in the dangerous zone.
    I assume Summers in the UK are pretty much always 20 something degrees Celsius? Nothing wrong with that!

    I was going to do some work on my house today (outside), but its 840am and already 27C with a top of 36 today, and we are almost 3 weeks into Autumn now! ugh.

    I feel like 23C and cloudy is about perfect weather for day to day things. I think a lot of people disagree with me though. I used to love hot weather when I was 18. Not so much as I get older.

    Northern Tasmania seems to have great weather, imo. But so remote, and massive pain to get your car back and forth to the mainland...
  2. A daytime temperature gravitating around 16-18C is probably perfect for me. Then summers in the low to mid 20s, and winter in the low 10s. This is what I feel the southern part of the south island of NZ is, and I love it. The night temperatures here are super manageable, even during winter when it might drop to close to zero.

    I also prefer crisp air rather than muggy humidity. A perfect winter day here -- which would be cloudless, gentle sunshine and cool air -- is pretty much heaven.

    Cloudy days can be depressing, but I don't mind them as long as they are not warm -- a cold cloudy day is a lot less sad than a warm cloudy day.

    I lived most of my life in tropical humid weather, with daily averages in low 30s, and i fucking loathed every minute. It's just an unbearable, undignified, sweaty mess.
  3. anywhere north of Birmingham i would say winters are a bit too cold for me. I would put up with it in somewehere like Edinborough though.
  4. For 20 magnificent years, i've enjoyed it. i'm probably biased to like what i have available to me more than what others have. but to me, illinois has it spot on. 4 perfectly even seasons. hot enough to really feel it in the summer, wet and cold enough to get a good 2 ft minimum of the best snowball making snow (which i love to shovel with the big show shovel and throw with the 2 stage, even after 20 years of doing it)

    and 6 glorious months of breezy cool 50s. i adore the spring and autumn festivals. the smell of dry leaves and black tarry compost is a life affirming thing. the soul of the midwesterner smells of autumn; apples, hay, and a slight whiff of hoppes no. 9.

    funny you should ask, I'm about to make a thread about how i'm gonna miss illinois.
  5. *if* it gets to 30 degrees here people basically flip out about how hot it is
  6. Anywhere between 10-25C with or without rain is good for me.
    It gets very muggy here and I like it less and less as I get older, but you have to keep in mind that going to the beach wouldn't be the same if it weren't so hot around here (the water temps reach 30C in August, which is actually very pleasant).
    The milder versions of Mediterranean climate are pretty awesome. Like southern Europe, Northern California, Portland etc.
  7. 25c slight breeze
  8. Here it's anywhere between -15c till 35c

    I want a more stable climate.
  9. lol, basically all summer sits around 33-38 here, with a few weeks in the middle of summer up to 45ish, and most people dont start whinging about the heat until it hits 40... while over 28 is starting to bother me.
  10. Australia has a dry climate though. Different than a hummid climate like western europe.
  11. Summers here are a constant 30C with 60-70% humidity and it's awful. You find yourself calculating how much time you're going to spend outside because there's only like a 5-minute window until you start sweating from places.
  12. 30-40% humidity, 65f/18c during the day, 45f/7c during the night. I can handle a little higher in the height of summer and a little lower in the dead of winter, but these are ideal conditions to me.
  13. Northern california. i could do with a little more cold and rain, the summers are perfect.
    you basically dont need much more than a light jacket year round, and its t shirt weather for half, maybe more, of the year.
    I love the green that comes with a rainier climate though. I think id like oregon/washington because of how beautiful it is
  14. Most of the country is arid, but no one lives that part. Canberra is dry, and so is Adelaide. Pretty much everyone else lives in the area zoned as sub-tropical or tropical. Cairns and Darwin have average humidity only 4 and 3% lower than Singapore. (80%)
  15. Sunny, +30°C/86°F, 60-70% RH, little or no wind.

    Yes, my existence is a tragedy.
  16. You'd love it here.
  17. Interesting. I had no idea. I thought Australia was all dry desert like.
  18. he hates jews
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  19. winters in arizona summers in Alaska probably
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  20. This is the best place to hate Jews at.

    It was 35C with 20% humidity yesterday. Today it's 20C with 60%. Spring brings the dry heatwaves and Saharan dust. It was actually hotter yesterday than it will ever be in July-August.
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  21. Finns just hate everyone. No region is this misanthropic, I guarantee it.

    I have absolutely zero feelings for or against Judaism, but I don't generally like loud and disorganised people.

    I'd be happy to see temperatures above zero. It's the coldest "spring" in a long time.
  22. I don't think I've ever seen Finnish people walking around here. There's plenty of American, Russian, French, Chinese and German people. If ever there was some Nordic language, it was probably Swedish or Danish. Not that I'd be good at recognizing the Finnish language.
  23. finns would have to wear burkas to keep from melting in the sun
  24. Same here in the sense that I see a lot of Yooropeans, even some scandinavians (swedish, norwegians, danes) but I have never met a Finn in here.

    I think finnish people are a myth. I'm pretty sure that all racing car drivers from Finland are actually engineered in a laboratory, and then the racing teams claim that they found these uber talented men in this mythical country called Finland. I mean, has anyone even been to Finland?! They probably built Kimi Raikkonen in the same lab where they made that indestructible Nokia phone.
  25. The finns just didn't say anything so you wouldn't know where they came from.

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