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  1. Similar to the old one, but more futuristic than modern. The sliding rear door is a neat feature. If America would build all their concepts, the japjunkers wouldn't be outselling them.<!-- Signature -->
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    NICE! what the hell are you saying! it's a box.......unless you like boxes
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    yeah he does if the box is made by gm, but if Ford were to make a "box" like this he'd say it was one of the uglies things on the planet!
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    NO, sorry, I'm not biased like too many are
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    It's just a bit too modern I think. Nice, but just a bit modern. It needs to be... refined. I wish they would do it, but is there really a niche for it in todays market? I mean yeah, folk like us would buy it, but that would probably be about it I think.
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    Nice car, it will never see production, but its nice. The front end looks like something from a 1st generation camaro... maybe this car will be similar to the next gen. camaro (when GM decides to build it)
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    GM allready sai they were going to build it, but not as a Nomad. Next Year when the Malibu is re-designed, there will be a model called the Malibu Maxx....Which is a sport wagon posibly equipped with a supercharged V-6 and maybe the TAP transmission from the new Grand Prix due next year...
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    where did you hear about a malibu maxx???
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    I don't know, but I thought those Nomads were always ugly. This is a good way to bring back the Nomad.
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    Woah welcome back to the 70s.
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    I think this is a sharp looking car. But that just means that Chevy won't build it. They only go with there bad designs, like the Asteck, or the new SSR. Man GM over all makes some shitty cars. In my opinion the only GM car worth owning is the Corvette.
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    This is a good way to bring back the nomad but I do not think it will sell. Station wagons are barely selling and the ones that are selling well are from foreign countries. SUVs and vans will dominate the station wagon market. So if this car would be made I would definitly think that it would be limited.

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