1. This has got to be the best offroad vehicle ever made...Ive seen 1 of these climb, well actually i was in it with my uncle and they are nice, they arent the smoothess things in the world, but they are a nice ride...
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    u really think H1 is better then H2..?
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    Ive drove both of them and the H2 is more comfortable but wen looking for an offroad vehicle the H1 is 10 times better...
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    I'd agree. H2 is more standard SUV like whereas the H1 sucks as an everyday vehicle but is the best off roader straight off the assembly line.
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    I never got the chance to ride in a Hummer while off-road. But I did watch a movie of one off-road. Their amazing.
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    Can anyone help me to find large pics of Hummer H1 and Ferrari 360 Modena Spider? I m looking pics that are at least 3-5 mt size.

    Is there site/database on the net that provides large pictures of sport cars?

    I cant find any....
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    There should be some on Google image search.
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    Yes it's an awesome vehicle that was tough enough to be used in the military!

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