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  1. All you people who hate this and that need to shut the hell up. I think the cars look nicer than all the other Pontiac products. At least they are trying. <!-- Signature -->
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    they are trying...true..but not trying hard enough...if they want to compete in today's market...then need something fresh and innovative..<!-- Signature -->
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    yea your right i feel bad for pontiac. i hope they don't dump the company soon.<!-- Signature -->
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    I seriously doubt they'll dump the company, almost every other car on the road is a Pontiac (at least in this region). I just hope GM gets over their SUV craze and let's Pontiac make some new cars like the Solstice.<!-- Signature -->
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    You can say that again I hate SUVS unless you are going to take it off road, cause that is what they were made for right? <!-- Signature -->
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    Some SUVs are quite impressive =)
    I mean look @ the Envoy with that 4.2L I6 =)
    Very sweet =)

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    Still a nice car though, yeah i agree with the 2 guys above my post, you Americans really need to drop the SUVs
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    LOL..I'm not saying drop the SUVS.
    I'm saying make them more fined like the Euro ones..yet make them rugged enough to drive offroad =P

    But those new Vortec Engines are quite nice =)

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->

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