Nissan Silvia S15

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    Haggle down the price and make a quick trip.
  2. s15>s13>s14
  3. Where are you from?
  4. Mt. Fuji
  5. They look really good stock, shape and styling is pretty attractive IMO, shame you never see a stock one.
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  7. That is very sexy
  8. s15>s14>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>s13
  9. Exactly.
  11. No. I see like 20 s13's a day and all of them are shit.
  12. i love S13's!

    never been a fan of S14's though.

    and i've never seen an S15 in person but they look right pretty in pictures.
  14. Sadly a lot of them have been neglected and let rot. However IMO they are still the better drift machine compared to the s14 and look better. I like s14s too, hell i even like s12s
  15. S14's handle better. They've got a wider track for one. There's actually a pretty decent difference between them.
  16. S15>S14>S13

    the way should be and the way it is.
  17. Seriously.
  18. In the states does it matter on the year of the car? Or is the year AND where you bring it in from the point? Cuz I'm confused why americans dont import a 15year old skyline into canada, then cross the border to pick it up?

    or is that what they do... i dunno..
  19. Can't register it in the States even if it is brought in from Canada...rules still apply.
  20. If any vehicle is under 25 years old it has to have been approved by NHTSA or whatever the #$%# the organization is called. I looked into the skyline thing and discovered more or less how it all works.

    There are TONS of cars that have been put through testing that are ok to import because someone went through the trouble of getting them approved. In some cases no modifications need be made, in others there is a specific list of things that need to be changed. I don't know how strictly they actually check shit, and I suspect that once imported they could be changed back and no one would ever be the wiser.

    Examples are many years of the G-Wagen, pretty much any year of Civic including RHD ones, most LHD and RHD Jaguars, LHD and RHD NSXs, etc etc. ALSO contrary to what most people think you CAN still import Skylines. However it HAS to be an R33 because that's what they used to approve them. They pulled one over on "the man" and made them think they were "substantially the same" as the R32s and R34s and were legally importing them all... They caught on when they figured out they were basically totally different cars. However the R33s are still legit to import IF you make whatever changes they did to pass the tests.

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