no, it doesnt.

Discussion in '2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe' started by nishav, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. z4 was ugly.. so is this.
  2. I'm actually indifferent to the design, just like all the other new BMWs.
  3. and you haven't produced a half-way intelligent post so far.
  4. and like you're the best person to judge this car, eh. Bet you've never seen a real z4.
  5. Actually, Z4's aren't too hard to see. They're around 35K-45K USD.

    What's rare here are the Z3 M convertibles
  6. are u blind or are u just acting plain and simple dumb??
  7. are you telling me that this looks more hardcore than the M coupe?
  8. I like it, its the only new good looking BMW since all the re-designs. Smooth lines, really clean. And that power is awesome
  9. everyones entitled to their own oppinion, and in my opinion this is a solid new edition to the BMW dynasty
  10. no...I'm telling you that you're an idiot
  11. Just like any other BMW at the moment, looks better than virtually all its competitors.
  12. heheh.
  13. I saw this car in real person @ the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, and I was pretty impressed. It's actually not all that bad looking...only strong from the front end looking down low. The headlights seem to sink into the car...a little too sublime. Here are some pics I took while there.
  14. I never thought this would happen but these newer shaped Beamers are really growing on me. the silver one posted by rickwleung is stunning
  15. Yup. The 5-series? It looked ugly at first, but it's already high on my list, and so is the 7-series.
  16. If he thinks this car is ugly, well that is his opinion, right?.

    so he is probably not dumb, but i'd imagine you are pretty dumb for saying that.

    everyone likes different things, i think this looks weird too, it don't look so good.

    but if you do, well stop acting stupid and say you like it instead !.
  17. the new designs are nice, but most of the previous models are much more communicative!
  18. Looks way better than the convertable, thats for sure

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