No mind games with MY boss

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ScoRpFerrari, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. new york is insane, price wise.
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  4. 2+ hour commute to work
  5. also we don't have a bazillion dollars for a house like that

    that's the Cameron Frye house we went to, still for sale
  6. There is also a big difference between "doesn't want" and "can't afford."
  7. Canada has a strong real estate market still. In Calgary where I live I think the mean salary is 55k or so.
  8. goodevening
  9. goodevening to you too
  10. well i dont have to say good evening because i name is good evening
  11. i am indeed humbled by life
  12. kindly drink scotch in the 21st century but scotch must be from the 19th century
  13. Big Rob is a bum, Clever Robot supports him. haha
  14. i must beg your leave. pardon me
  15. Yep, good ol' middle management. Just enough money to not take shit from the bottom and not nearly as much pressure as the top.
  16. pasta dude, wtf?
  17. What nonsense are you talking. are u disilluned
  18. long time no eh
  19. I recognize pretty much everyone still posting.
  20. congrats scorp and best of luck in your new job position
  21. we're the only ones left.

    the apocalypse is nigh, or something.
  22. i am falling
  23. WTF? 40k for an office jnr? I would have thought any white collar job starts above $50k. You earn over $30k a year working on the burgers at Mcdonalds here.

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