No stripped out veyron?

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  1. It got me thinking when I read about the 9ff GT9. Why didnt Bugatti make a stripped out, lighter version of their Veyrons? get rid of all that nice leather and fancy luxuries, full carbon fiber for the body, lightweight aluminum for the chassis, and viola, a lightweight Veyron perhaps? or does that giant engine with 4 turbos and 10 radiators make it impossible to lighten the car?
  2. They don't need to. It's as fast as the 9ff GT9 while also being better than it in every possible way.
  3. perhaps for those hardcore, 101% performance purists? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  4. Then they can buy a 9ff GT9?

    That's not what the Veyron is about. The Veyron is about no compromising.
  5. Not really ... It is nearly as fast as the 9ff GT9. The GT9 accelerates in 16.1seconds to 300 kmph ... this makes him accelerating faster than a veyron. And the Topspeed of 409kmph is also faster than a veyron.

    Back to the Topic. Bugatti's target is to get the rich people who wants to have finest materials and a flair of luxury. And they did a good job. The Veyron is the most exciting car I know.

  6. I was well aware of the 2kmh difference in top speed between the cars, I just assumed no one would be pedantic enough to give a shit.
  7. Specially when the Veyron only reaches 407km/h bevause it's limited... I heard they've reached 413km/h with non-limited cars. And doing that on a 2-ton super-luxury car is something the 9f#$ingF"$got can't dream of.

    Besides, lightweight harcore was never the idea of passenger Bugattis to start with. Ettore (and specially Jean) Bugatti was concernd above all in refinement, as you can se on the built quality, castings and upholstery on its 1920's cars. They were simply on the top AND were the fastest!
  8. The 9ff can't get to 60 in under 4 seconds. The Veyron does it in 2.5 every time you slam the throttle.
  9. PWNED!
  10. I have to disagree with you about your light weight statement. What about the Type 35? Granted it was designed for racing, but back then there wasn't such a huge diparity between racing cars and passenger cars. The Type 35 could be driven on the roads just like any other car and it sat two people. So it was really no different than today's 2-seat sports cars. The Type 59 was pretty much the same way.
  12. wasn't the Pur Sang like several hundred pounds lighter?
  13. Arent they in the process of making a GT edition?

    Its not that blasphemous an idea, there was an SS version of the EB110....

    Theres certainly plenty of weight to shed. For one, theres 10 radiators. Im still not sure that those cant be condensed with some body revisions. From what I understand, theres so many because they didnt have room for large radiators, so numerous small ones were needed. There is also a radiator of the spoiler mechanism, which can probably be done away with if the spoiler is fixed.

    Personally what I would love to see is the Veyron engine and drivetrain in an elongated homologation-esque car. Thinking along the lines of the Porsche GT1, CLK-GTR, Saleen S7, MC12, etc.
  14. They Veyron body IS all alloy and carbon. It is the massive transmission and the pre historic engine that makes the car heavy together with all the luxury of course.
  15. thy also have 10 because they want the thing to be able to sit in traffic in dubai in the summer without overheating.
  16. I knew someone would poit out the Type 35. That's why I mentioned "passenger cars". Back in those days, you can't even put a barrier between road and racing cas, since there was no legislation regarding that. Whatever had license plate could be driven on the roads. Hell, even headlights weren't mandatory, if you remember Type 41 Royale Esders Roadster.
    So, when I was talking about "passenger road cars", I was talking about cars conceived for road use, like the Type 41 Royales, the Type 57SC Atalante/Atlantic, Type 50 Superprofilée, etc.
    IMO, the glorious models you pointed would fit the first group but then I'm not one of those who think it's a blasphemy to have a lightweight, hardcore Veyron 16.4 as the so-called GT. I just think that was never the point of this car, since it was never conceived for that.

    But who knows if it won't surprise us all once again?
  17. Lightweight stripped out Veyron? Nah. The cool thing about the Veyron is that it's an ultra fast luxury car. Make it all bare and lightweight and it looses all appeal.
  19. if you cut the weight, wouldn't you have to cut the power? The car isn't known for being aerodynamic so it would seem you would need a new body to keep it on the road.

    If you want a lightweight Veyron, just get a TVR Cerbera Speed 12.
  20. Man I can't believe you just made that comparo. THe Cerbera Speed 12 was the worse handling car EVER while the Veyron is possibly one of the most driver-friendly!
  21. The most undriveable car in the universe? As awesome as it is, one can hardly make a comparison. Plus, there's only one.

    If one wants the best you can possibly get in real world road/track performance, it's probably to take your MC12 to Edo Competition and have them doctor it up to their XX specification.

    As has been demonstrated time and again, overpowered monsters like the Koenigsegg are simply not effective; the kind of chassis you need to make 1000bhp useful in a lightweight car is prohibitively hard to design and build.
  22. You just forget something. The Bugatti is a finished car which is in production. The gT9 is still in devleopment. Actually the GT9 gets to 100 under 4seconds. The tests you have seen before or read about it, was not the final car.

    And have you read about the veyrons 1001 HP ?????????
    You normaly drive the car by 650'HP. If you want to drive with full power (1001 HP) you turn a special key, accept the highspeed configuration in the display and step on the gas. The car gets into Highspeed mode .... BUT AS LONG AS YOU STAY OIN THE GAS. IF YOU BREAK, the car gets back into drive mode and you get the same configuration like before ... 650HP !!! This is no bulls**t It is written down on the Bugatti Homepage.

    Kind regards
  23. That's total bullshit. Top speed mode is accomplished by aerodynamic adjustments, and is only deactivated if the wheel is turned more than 30 degrees in either direction. The full power of the engine is available at all times, and in reality, it makes about 1100bhp.
  24. yea i read some stuff about them making a veyron GT with 1300 horses or something like that but im not sure when its coming out
  25. GT9 will not hit 100 in under 4 seconds.

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