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  1. this car is sooooooooooo shit! jeremy clarckson was driving it and it spun out of control going in a straight line and jeremy clarckson is a good driver! jaguar entered this into a championship cant rememebr which one and after one race pulled it out because the handling was sooooooo crap<!-- Signature -->
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    At least it looks cool. If your statement is true, why have a car if you cant drive it.
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    you are so full of shit man,
    this car could kick all the ferarris. and you should see the race version. even if your statement is true it is very likely that he just spun out it would have been human error or mechanical faliure which can happen to anyone. or maybe the car was just to powerful<!-- Signature -->
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    gotta agree...with a race variant she'd absolutely kak on an F50 round a track at least...However its probably a very difficult car to drive with limits that are all too easily crossed, so it takes skill and I dont recall Clarkson competing in many races throughout his prestidgous career...

    I read a similar test of it by him in the Top Gear magasine and I think he said something along the lines of it having a fundamental handling flaw...personally I think Clarkson's the one with the fundamental handling flaw and this was a face saving manoever because he couldnt drive the car at all satisfactorily for the purposes of reviewing it.
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    Actually I believe it was Tiff Needell actually driving one of these in the original 1990 JaguarSport XJR-15 Intercontinental challenge when he crashed it because he found himself more mesmorized by the sticker slowly peeling off the front of the car than where he was actually going...Top Gear presenters eh...says it all!
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    yeah its shit as !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I also saw Clarkson drive this and he knows his cars. This is one big piece of shit!
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    it is possible that he just put his foot down and lost traction causing the back of the car to swing out, then he tried to correct it without lifting his fott and lost complete control...happens in drag races...

    going in a straight line? no problem for the batmobile...
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    PEOPLE! It's MILLION DOLLARS. Anyone capable of spending such an amount of money is sensible enough to choose a car that is priced fairly. For almost a million dollars, I expect no less than an Enzo.
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    I think that the roadgoing version of this car is beautiful and that every1 busting on it is kind of clsoed minded. I notice you are all refering to one event in which the driver spun out in a straight line? Cmon, obvious mechanical failure or driver error, as long as all four wheels are straight (as the person said, it was going in a straight line) there is no reason for a car to do that. So i doubt the validity of that argument. But then again, what does it matter what i think...
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    What's with the batmobile?
  12. Well you would now wouldn't you. Did you want an Enzo back in 1990?

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