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  1. I recently purchased a 1994 Rx-7 twin turbo. I realize rotary engines are hard maintain and I want to ask the experts (you guys) what procedures should I take to keep my Rx-7 in the best shape possible?
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    Heres a great idea to mantain the car/engine SELL it
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    ya i dont like the rotaries either<!-- Signature -->
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    somewhere on there you should be able to find a list of reliability mods: mostly it's just getting a boost gauge, replacing some vacuum hoses, replacing (or eliminating) the AST catch tank, downpipe, etc.

    not too expensive stuff and it'll keep your car running

    rotaries can be reliable engines, but the mazda engineers decided to skimp in places and put cheaper parts which tended to break, as well as a very complex twin-turbo sequential system driven by a maze of vacuum hoses which is prone to failure.

    your cars gonna take a little more money and effort to keep running well, but it's well worth it for the performance you get

    people don't like the rotary engine because it's so different, but then people don't realize how much higher power density is has compared to piston engines. there are lots of streetable 500+hp (even a few 600 and 700+ hp) 2-rotor RX-7's - thats from a 1.3 liter engine.

    RX-7's are high maintenance cars, but not necessarily unreliable. their only unreliable if not taken care of properly
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    i still say sell it
    Buy a dodge or a lotus if u can afford it you cheap skate
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    why don't you buy a mclaren then?? it's better than a viper

    oh yeah that little thing called MONEY makes a difference huh?
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    This Viper guy is a troll. He is flamming in all of this cars forums. As mentioned above, visit That is a great place for information on all manner of RX-7. A great group of people as well. Oh, and Viper guy, if you own a Viper that is great. I wouldn't mind driving one, but I wouldn't want to own one. I like my first gen RX-7. Looks nice, has decent power, can easily be modified, and the insurance is dirt cheap. But please, don't put down a truly unique vehicle like the RX-7. Just cuz you don't understand the concept of tringles driving a car doesn't mean you have to flame it!<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RX-7Guy</i>
    <b>This Viper guy is a troll. He is flamming in all of this cars forums. -->

    oh shit mummy some dumb ass called me a troll im so worried get a life and a real car
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    Yeh like krazy said, they are great engines and will last just as long as you take care of them. i have a 94rx7 myself and the only advice i would give is just baby it more than other engines. change the oil more often and if you live in a hot area like California or something GET THE INTERCOOLER CHANGED. the stock ones were a little shitty. they work but not great. and if your in a hot region the intercooler wont work as good as it should. replace it and extend the life of your car.
    If you have any other questions maybe i can help.

    [email protected]
    just subject it rx7 or something
    have fun driving

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