Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tahoeman part 2, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. I just washed my Mother#$%#ing cellphone AND dried it lol.

    uhh anyone ever have this happen to them and their phone magically start working or something? I sure hope so because I really need to have it working right now.
  2. take it apart and use a hair dryer on it. Its probably broken though.
  3. make sure to leave it alone for a day or two, DONT TURN IT ON. it will dry out, and 90% of phones are fine, as long as you dont turn it on. just take out the battery and remove any covers you can
  4. you dont think the dryer would have #$%#ed it up?
  6. no. like putting it in the wash wouldnt
  7. lol
  8. well most all electronics exposed to water will usually work when dried out.
  9. I've washed my phone multiple times with no ill effects. Just don't try to use it for a couple of days and you should be fine.
  10. if it was on at the time, most likely it is #$%#ed.

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