NorCal meet

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kitsune, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. lemans is 60 dollars for practice qualifying and racing. isnt that kinda spensive
  2. one of my friends works at lemans. ill see if i can hook something up
  3. is karting a requirement
  4. ya why do we want to kart
  5. lets do mines road time trials
  6. lol we kinda did that on caleveras once
  7. just go to the pub or something.
  8. kitsune is not of age. but we should just hit a restaurant/bar thingy. can jewjewjewjew make it any day
  9. calaveras is such poorly paved road
  10. but so fun to mess around on
  11. mines road is soo smoooooth and theres no trafficcccccccccccc
  12. caleveras is a 1 way road in middle of bum#$%# nowhere. only traffic is ricers but you see them comming from miles away. is mines the mt hamilton one?
  13. yeah on the livermore side
  14. its covered in snow
  15. in san jose. doesnt matter, ford focus wagon is no fun up there
  16. no snow is fun
  17. i have rescheduled stuff, so i may be available this weekend. maybe. when the shit is set ill do what i can.
  18. we need to just drive down highway 1 to somewhere to rub in our californianess into the faces of those who dont live here
  19. we can do that in any location
  20. not all locations have the ocean
  21. ya sure. i like the ocean
  22. santa cruz. whos 21 and who isnt
  23. yeah. I'm not down for blowing 30 bucks plus driving on half assed karts, I am down to blow 30 bucks plus driving on half assed food and drink
  25. yep yep. im free fri through sunday actually

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