North Korea, legit or not?

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  1. Is this real?

    Or is it from some South Korean parody show? In either case it's pretty damn hilarious.

    Everyone talks like there's some strong fingerbanging simultaneously going on around their sensitive bits... and look at that camouflage!

    Oh, and that lackluster vintage weapon collection (there's even a DP!) that they seem to "operate" by running the bolts without cartritges....
  2. They'd be pulverised so fucking quickly as soon as KJU pushes the button.
  3. There is no way this is real. Not the "interview" parts anyways. The actual firing line clip might be real.
    Then again with North Korea you never really know
  4. its a joke NK are aliens IRL
  5. 99% sure that's a parody
  6. I'm honestly not sure...

    They do really talk like that on telly:

    And I find it quite hard to believe that a South Korean comedy group would go trough the trouble of finding functioning authentic weapons for a 2 minute clip.

    Then again some of the hats don't seem like NK standard issue, and look like the ones worn by Maoist guards. And the "camo" seems too ridiculous even by NK standards.

    If it's a parody it's really fucking well made. Wish I could speak Korean.
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    nk is a parody and they are unaware because of their lack of outside influences
    really really crazy place

    saw an episode of vice where they were allowed to go there because they were supposed to be covering the harlem globetrotters visit
    they showed off exercise technology, where there was some weird machine that exercises womens boobs to make them bigger
    they had a room full of people on computers, supposedly doing Internet work. then you look closer and theyre basically just staring at the screen doing nothing. Cant trust them to actually use the internet!

    fast forward to 1:00 to skip useless utube personality
    one guy is just staring at a google home page

    I think this might be the episode
  8. It's this one
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  9. It is!

    NK is hilarious but what I find equally hilarious is this guy's reaction about North Korean shops not accepting 'murikan credit cards....
  10. Prolly because Kim read about 28-bit technology and thought that the computer will break down if it's introduced to more than 28 sites.
  11. I genuinely feel sorry for everyone being born in NK, it really makes me sad
  12. cant pull it up now
    what do they accept
    are NK credit cards a thing?
  13. No, they pay in cash
  14. [​IMG]
    whoa their money goes to 5000
    I kinda like the art
  15. 5000 x 0 is still 0
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  16. yeah but, 5,000
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  17. How much is 5,000 in ginseng anyway
  18. In this scenario the exchange rates are always one-way and completely arbitrary. Nobody outside NK will exchange their wons for any real currency and the exchange rates for, say, USD are whatever they decide at that moment. Now $1 USD is about ₩130 KPW.
  19. Friend of mine went there. Said it was a surreal place, like stepping back 50 years in the past.
  20. Notice in the original video nobody fires any weapons whenever there is someone with the cheesy camouflage. Whenever there is actually gunfire they are wearing proper uniforms.
    It's a parody show with stock footage spliced in.

    That being said the rest of this thread is correct about the sheer crazyness of NK
  21. how can they compare to 50y back
  22. Why would it be a parody? They always talk like that. There's NK tv stream around somewhere.
  23. We know they talk like that, read the thread ffs

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