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Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by sk8er1988, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. Ford could not buy the name from the owner, so the modern day recreation willl not be called the GT40. strange, huhh?
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    Ford didnt think they would ever attempt to bring back the GT40. Although, this should be called the GT44, as it is 44 inches tall and not 40...
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    it's beautiful,it can compare with ferrari and lambo
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    Wow, and water's wet!
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    I mean baout the competing Lambo and Ferrari thing. I think it's ugly, loox like someone dropped an anvil on the hood
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    Instead of buying the copyright GT40 name from the person, Ford gave the man one of two concept Gt40s that were built when they were first unveiled, so Ford owns the name GT40 now.
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    Actually no. Ford offered him two GT40 concepts plus 1 million dollars but the guy refused. Instead he wanted 40 mllion for the name and Ford refused. That guy is a greedy ass and I hope his company goes out of business. By the way I got this from Motor Trend. Ford still does not own the GT40 name.
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    Thanks for the correction. I guess I read a short version of the entire story
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    It's ok it happens a lot.
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    The Ford GT sounds fine w/ me.
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    exactly. no shit it can compare. It beat ferrari in lemans on th reg, no shit!
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    Correct. Same name, but not the same spirit. :)
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    It was first called the Ford GT anyway (the origional car that is).

    They were built in the UK and the poms are pissed off because these are only being built in left hand drive, so not drivable on the road over there. Ford GT origional program was build and run from the UK and they can't even drive the new car on their home turf...

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