not alot diffrent from the GT2

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  1. i know its lighter and has more power and looks better, but performance wise there is not a huge diffrence, or am i missing something? you cant really up grade the suspention, its allready race car stiff, so im not quite sure what they did to make this better.
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    performance in a straight line is not greatly changed but other than that that there r massive similarities. it's like comapring an M3 and a supra, they both do around 5 sec for the 0-60mph, but r completely different. firstly the GT1 is mid rather than rear engine, has 60kW more, has 240Kg less, has real race aerodynamics and brakes. and looks way way way cooler. the GT1 is a race car for the orad, the GT2 is a road car for racing.
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    Well, if nothing else, let's just talk about the PRICE. $1,500,000 for a 911GT1 vs. $182,000 for a 911GT2??? Even if the prices weren't dissimilar, I'd still take the 911GT1 in a heartbeat.

    .........But both cars are out of this world!
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    it aint worth no millon dollers! mY F-350 SUPERDUDY would wipe its ass with both these cars. Lets see who wins here in every way; a stock Ford Taurus v.s a P.O.S porshe 911gt1 OR gt2. THE STOCK CAR WOULD! There the FASTEST cars in teh world except for drag racers. GO NASCAR!
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    I dont think the GT2 will pull a 3.6 to 60. I know its probably been done, just like a 3.9 as been done with the Z06. But the GT2 will usually pull 4s, not 3s. That is the first and most superficial differeance.

    Like soeone else said, this is even more hard-core than the GT2, and that means its pretty hairy arsed. 600bhp will do that. And the weight distrabution advatage of this means it will out handle the GT2 with its more focused supension and probably equivalent breaks (the GT2 is running the PCCB system which is phenominal and probably matches the best steel breaks of this time period) This weighs less, which means that overall performance will fade less lap after lap too.

    I bet if you put the roll cage, some fairly minor engine mods, and some special suspension on the GT2, and ditched all the extras, the two would be close in a low speed tight race. Id still bet on the GT1, but it would be close.

    I love both. The GT2 is probably my favorite Euro road machine right now.
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    whats the power to weight ratio?
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    F**K NASCAR.
    They're for #%$s like you who can't make a right turn.
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    He was joking. His name is BigDumbass.
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    Nascar is still the stupidest thing ive ever heard of.
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    That's about right #$%#ing dumbass
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    even tho nascar is kinda stupid, they do make right turns. there are road courses. but oh well thats aside the point. i think the reason this doesnt seem that incredibly faster then the gt2 is cuz it is had to get grip without slicks, so im guessin it just couldnt get grip witht that powa. well thats my thoughts.
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    NASCAR sucks dude!!!
    Formula 1 is ultamite
    so is 250 moto GP
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    Nice observation skills you know what my laguna is just like renault's F1 car - both have 4 wheels and the same company logo.
    Just think about how much will the GT2 be worth in say, 19yrs time and how much will be the value of this car.

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    Did it ever occur to you that someone who loves cars and is not quite a dumbass (maybe even the CEO of some major company or something) just put that there to mix up the forums? Why else would their username be "BIGDUMBASS?" If you really ARE dumb, would you want to put that as a screen name for yourself? I don't want to. My point is that maybe you're the larger dumbass for assuming that this wasn't just a joke! Another thing that proves my point about you is your profanity - it just doesn't speak wonders for your intelligence in a forum.

    Now that that's out of my system...

    The GT1 is SIX years old!!! I don't think it is very fair to be comparing two cars that are six years apart (unless you're talking the F1). Not only are there technology differences in the cars, but there are also fundamental differences. Take, for example, the chassis. The GT1 was based on the 993 chassis, while the GT2 is based on the newer and more refined 996 chassis.

    What about the fact that the GT1 is made to come into its powerband higher on in the revs, thus its off-the-line speed is slower than the street-minded GT2? I don't want to see the comparison between 0-60 times. I'd rather see the 100-160 times. That will tell you which car is truly faster.

    Sorry if I offended you, but you may have given a trouble-maker exactly what s/he wanted: Someone going apesh*t about a post.

    P.S. And, yes - I did say that I was dumb in this post.

    P.S.S. BIGDUMBASS is right - it "it aint worth no millon dollers!" It's worth 1.5 million DEUTSCHMARKs! (approx 879,371 USD)
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    da #$%# you talkin bout ya fukin tard? I AINT JOKIN NONE AND I THE SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD. My theacher done told me so! So piss on all you who dont like NASCAR; itll kick the ass off lemans. An who says they just turn left? EVER SEEN A NASCAR ROAD RACE???? Dumb#$%#s!
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    Okay everyone, back to the original subject...

    In my opinion, the two are nothing alike. The GT1 far outperforms the Gt2, both in performance and looks.

    I'll use the Road Test Summary from Road&Track to give you a little comparison.

    GT1: 0-60=3.4sec 0-100=6.2sec 1/4Mile=10.9 TopSpeed=174
    GT2: 0-60=3.6sec 0-100=8.9sec 1/4Mile=11.9 TopSpeed=195

    It is obvious that the GT1 beats it in everything except for top speed, but true race cars aren't geared for top speed.
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    LOL! Your teacher told you so? HAHA!
    I think I hear your teacher calling you right now, you little dumb pre-schooler.
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    Hmmm......isn't there something called the Indy Racing League? Last time I checked, 210 mph is more than 185 mph. And, if you're talking racecars that start out as production cars, the fastest drag racers aren't based on them. If you're thinking funny cars, they have absolutely NOTHING in common with their associated production car besides, sometimes, the shape of the headlights and taillights(same with NASCAR, except they might occasionally include the grill).
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    I am going to put this little jewel in my sig. Its too funny to pass up.
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    Yeah, I've seen a nascar road race. The teams switch drivers because they are only good at left turns. They have to bring in real drivers.
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    Your teacher done told you so? damn you are stupid you can't even talk right stupid redneck (nothin against red necks just stupid ones) oh ya and nascars #$%#ing boring around in a big circle for a whole day? No wonder they have to swap drivers they must get bored. Rally driving is a sport for a real driver... instead of just knowing how to turn (not very sharp at that) and use the gas pedal you actually need to do a high speed hairpin... Rally driving owns Nascar man.
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    lets get off the Nascar thing. We all know NASCARS suck and Mr. DUMBASS is an idot that needs schooling on how to speak the english language.
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    I agree...

    I have come to expect Porsche to release top-of-the-line machines anymore it seems unatural if one they produce isn't one of the best but of course with qualaty comes price, as with anything, so naturally just about any car by Porsche is bloody expensive, but if you have the cash i think its definetly worth it. And if anyone reading these -JUST- likes this car for its spoiler then you can get a GT2 Spoiler for any 94-97 911, well, actually you get the entire engine lid (thats a rear engine for people who don't know that Porsche has a habit of Rear engines) and some people might like say a 94 911 3.6 well now you can add this spoiler to its style, and with such a large spoiler it will increase the downforce on your car making it more stable at high speeds wich, with any Porsche is a must for most have a pretty nice top speed.

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