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  1. this car actually goes 240 but is electronical limited to 215. ans steve saleen said he would like to make the ford gt90 in the future<!-- Signature -->
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    <b>this car actually goes 240 but is electronical limited to 215. ans steve saleen said he would like to make the ford gt90 in the future</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    so if this car does go 240 without the fast is the s7R?
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    i wanted to say that the minute i noticed it wasnt on the top speed chart! steve saleen will (for a little extra, not that it matters to anyone who can afford it) make this car at its original 240 mph self. it also accelerates 0-60 in 3.1. virtually equalling the mclaren in every aspect.
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    Both of you are wrong the cars top speed is 235 on the dot, the official 0-60 is 3.6, 0-100 in 7.7 Not to mention that the price is also wrong the real price is $395,000, geez get it right!

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    This car doesn't go 235

    All recent articles have stated its top speed at I think 220

    The car generates much more downforce than the McLaren (hence the ceiling-stickign example) and therefore more drag.

    Therefore it would need more power to reach the same speed, but it has LESS power, so reaches a lower speed.
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    Most of the articles in magazines that have actually tested the car with Steve Saleen, have said that this is geared to go 215 mph, but if you gear the car differently, you could go 240. Also no one except for Saleen has been able to performance test this car yet (O-60 quater mile)
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    What do you mean no Porsches and Ferraris come close??? Have you heard of the Carrera Gt and the Enzo?
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    Those numbers are car and driver estimates and were based on pre-prodction models as well.
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    i believe they said that this car could go 240, if they geared it right
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    The Saleen S7 has an actual speed of over 250, and that is why it is used by so many race car drivers. The limiter is what keeps it street legal. The only differences on the S7 and the S7R, is that A, there is no limiter, and B the head lights and tail lights are painted on so if there is a crash, no glass will get on the track. The limiter is actualy set at 217, and matches the Enzo Ferari in that respect, though in an all out race it would be close. The McLaren cars go 0-60 in 4.5, for both the LM and the F1 (the two fastest McLaren cars out right now), and the Saleen will make it in 3 flat, if the driver is good enough. The base price is 395K, but you would be lucky to get it under half a mill. So far Saleen plans to make about 400 hundred S7's and the first 50 are still in production. There are all the stats that are known at this time to the general public (and some that aren't). I hope that settles any debates pertaining speed and the like.
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    man, so many different answers. how come no one is putting up links to where they found these so-called facts? I'm not claiming to know the stats to this car, but 240 doesn't sound totally unrealistic, but would require different gearing to do so.
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    What are you people talking about. Where did you get that crap about its top speed being 240mph. Not even close. According to Car and Driver it goes 0-60 in 3.9 seconds the 1/4 mile in 11.0 seconds at 120mph and a top speed of 205 mph. And no the Mclaren F1 does not go from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds it does it in 3.6 also according to Car and Driver.
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    not to add any fuel to the fire...but NO ONE as officially been able to do a FULL test yet expect steve saleen...

    ALL MAGAZINES are estimates....but from steve saleen's own mouth when asked how fast the car really is, becuz NO ONE has been able to put the hammer to the floor YET, he quoted that it will match or beat the mclaren f1 figures....

    and also when asked how fast the car can go he reported that he has repeditly hit over 200mph on his test track (a track that is not a top speed track but more of a road track)...

    just becuz the saleen has more downforce doesnt mean he needs more hp to go at 240...which he is lacking by 50+ compared to the mclaren...TORQUE helps cars pulls and puts less strain on the engine to do so....make a car with 200hp and 200trq and one with same hp and 300trq the 300trq will have a higher top speed becuz it eases the strain on the engine when the drag is induced upon the car it helps it push through the air and with less difficulty than one with less torque...saleens torque which is higher than the f1's will allow him to match the f1's top speed without having to beat or match the hp of the mclaren...(prime example of this torque thing...VIPER..11.9 1/4mile time and a 30sec standing mile...all with less than speed of 190+)

    so if saleen has STATED that it will at the very least match mclaren f1 times and has already hit over 200mph on his road course for testing...what makes u think the car will not be able do what saleen said it will do?

    saleen has always under rated his car...s351 was supposed to be a 5.1sec 0-60 car the car did it in 4.5...saleen sr was supposed to top out at 195mph he hit 205mph....s281-e a 4.9sec car he hit 4.4secs....basically all his cars have beat or met his specs why not this one?

    and honestly 395k is a little low imo...when a mc went for 1mil and the enzo is going for 500k+....
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    that shut them up! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    disturbed5801 did u just get these numbers out of thin air or wut i mean u have no proof to back up those numbers and u didnt put where u found them so i think that next time u post stats i wood put where u got them from
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    not to be a jerk or nothing but here is another good example that the saleen CAN do what saleen said and will most likely beat a mc...

    ok lets go off the estimates...3.9 0-60 and a 1/4mile of 11flat...according to that the saleen will be faster in everything except 0-60 (probably gearing tires slip or something of that sort)

    the mc goes 0-60 in 3.4secs (thats a low time considering all independent tests did 3.7-4.1). and a 1.4mile of 11.7secs...

    11.7secs, a 1/4mile is all about what happens in acceleration and the relations in accleration DRAG and other factors that people are so blind too....

    now think about it 11.7 or 11flat which one is faster? now the one that is faster HAS TO BE the greater accelerating all speeds the saleen has more downforce than the if the issue of drag is so important WHY is not working in here...i mean the car with a higher drag coefficient had the faster times and the quicker acceleration....than the more hp and less drag....

    but wait that defys everybodys statement in here that the saleen cant out accelerate the mac becuz its drag is to much....oh yea TORQUE forgot torque..

    now to do a 11flat one must be doing around 130mph (reason at 11.9 the viper did 121mph) 110mph and a little less drag starts to work into the equation and accually alot into the equation...

    so what makes u think it cant out accelerate it at higher top speeds if it ALREADY does it at LOWER speeds WITH more DRAGE??

    i shall await all non believers responce...
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    I have read over 20 posts saying what the real top speed is. I really don't know who or what to belive now. I don't care though. 200+mph is good enough. Also, with less than 4.0 secs from 0-60, it's sure to smoke many supercars out there.
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    Yeah People should stop worrying about topspeed because its not like you'll go that fast on the road...maybe an empty run way
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    first of all, torque doesnt matter in top speed cause it is already calculated as hp.Without torque at high rpms a car wont get any hp at all so the mclaren has more torque then the saleen at a certain rpm. the saleen is better at everything cept for top speed and if it is finally geared to go faster then 240mph then its acceleration would suffer. Then bmw v12 is a better engine because it is still efficient at high rpms and allow the driver to stay in the powerband longer and get a higher top speed in the end. The saleen does everything else better because of a superior chassis and aerodynamics.I would rater have the mclaren engine in a s7 to get the best of both worlds.
  21. this car never reach 200 mph
    the real top speed is 190 mph

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