not surprising

Discussion in '2002 Gemballa GTR 750 EVO' started by cardboardwheels, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Excellent contributionÂ… you should be commended.

    What can I say 7:33 around Nurburgring circuit is direct proof of a well built car. Like the article says it take more then just raw horsepower to create a super car. Rather the entire package must perform together in harmony. This is surprising coming from an aftermarket company. Well played.
  2. damn cool
  3. I think you guys are forgetting that 7:33 is for the gtr 600... not the gtr 750.....

    my guess would be about 7:25 for the gtr750......?
  4. Highly doubt it.
  5. Best looking 911, but I will have a cabriolet-version.!

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