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Discussion in '1996 Lamborghini Diablo VTTT' started by Power V12, Aug 10, 2002.

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    vipers suck.
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    **** YOU!!!
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    No. the viper does not suck. this car is WAY more expensive than the viper. there is no chance this car would stand a chance against the Hennessy 800TT.
  4. Compare to a Hennessey Venom 750r, 800r or 800tt these cars cost less than half this Lambo but out preform the Lambo easy!<!-- Signature -->
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    Can you say "NOT STOCK"...Why don't you compare stock with stock, that's when your Vipers get raped<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Lamborghini</i>
    <b>Can you say "NOT STOCK"...Why don't you compare stock with stock, that's when your Vipers get raped</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    what about price?<!-- Signature -->
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    bull shi*t mate.........if you can give me ten reason for vipers suckin so much ill accept it.....(ps... Vipers are a hell lot better than a lambo(compare the prices))
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    a Dodge is a Dodge, a Lamborghini is a Lamborghini. When I hear Dodge I think of a sedan. When I hear Lamborghini I think of heaven.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from hennesseyms</i>
    <b>Compare to a Hennessey Venom 750r, 800r or 800tt these cars cost less than half this Lambo but out preform the Lambo easy!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> very true but this is an old vehicle 96. tuning has moved on since then and owning a diablo is more desirable than a vette or viper<!-- Signature -->
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    Vipers cost less but are not as well made as a Lamborghini. Lamborghinis are hand crafted vipers are not. Take a Stock viper VS Stock Lamborghini and this lamborghini will kill the viper and with style<!-- Signature -->
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    hi,ive been on this site for quite a long time and i never posted anything,just looking,yea im a lambo fan, tell me other cars are faster i just dont care, i won't try to tell you its the best just because i would want it to be.but im just too tired of hearing ppl saying its too expensive,damn, yea a viper cost less then half of a diablo, so what ?most ppl here dont even have their license, and aint sure most of ppl who do, have chances of one day riding a "super accessible" viper.argueing on wich cars looks the best is simply stupid because its an opinion for the speed, well this site wont say any car is the fastest, but you have the cars who did the best 0/60 time or top speed.did you mean fastest on a track, on dirt, on straigh line,on a video game, on highway or the speed you would like the car to have.finnaly id say i saw two kind of ppl here, ppl who had their favorite car and tried to convince every1 it was the best, or ppl who looked for the fastest car on this site and run everywhere telling every1 their favorite car was the best.sure in these there are ppl who loves mustangs/vettes/vipers/lambo/mclaren/ferraris/tuned skylines,supras,or other jap cars. these ar the major groups.i think all these cars are great because they all have ppl to love 'em.
    my dream car would be a 25th countach or a red diablo vt.their not the fastest,and if a do one day get the chance to drive one, i probly wont get close to reach their topspeed,just tired of ppl who hate a car (in this case, lamborghinis) go in lambo forums and yell that a gtr is you would probly be afraid or pushing on the pedal.
    anyway, thats what i think.
    (oh and i saw many ppl dishing other because they werent writing well, so ill inform every1 that im from the french part of canada,ive got my english from the simspons and diabloII 15, never driven a car, my dad has a sliver chrysler town and country, a red protégé 5,and hes been in a vette racing club since hes 23.later !

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    OH WHATEVER this car kicks ass and its 1996 now its probably cheaper but then it was worth every penny!
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    yo dude im totally with u man, im 15 from ottawa canada i love diablo2 and the lambo! hey e-mail me, we'll chat an oh by the way i have 1 thing to ask can u hate a certain type of car? i mean if u break it down, there all the same! engine, fuel system, body, windows, wheels...........unno! so plz no more hating an more preferring<!-- Signature -->
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    I'll take mine in Mystic Paint. Hmm, might get newer wheels, might take the lettering on the side off, than pimp that mutha down tha strip!

    To the haters on both sides:

    Before this Lambo was produced, 1996, they were owned by Chrysler. For quite a while I'm afraid, since from about the inception OF El Diablo. Head engineers of Lambo helped Chrysler design the Viper block. So both have powerful engines built similarly to crank mucho Horsepower. Though this VTTT is being perceived as a PRODUCTION car, it really isn't. 7 vehicles is hardly a run. These were manufactured for only the supreme cliental, like the Sultan of Brunei. Those 800TT Vipers can be tuned right now if you wanted. But beware 800TT, There were even more few of these VTTT's done up with 900 hp. Both would race nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    are you a #$%#ing idiot.222 mph 0-60 3.2 AWD with amazing trction this is really worth the money.

    P.S. Viper sucks compared to this
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    the diablo vs has always been my deam car and at the ripe old age of 52 i have saved up almost enough money to buy one. this car will without a dought be worth the money. at least it better be.
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    Are you 12?

    Vipers and Diablos are brothers!!!! Do you ever think you will drive one? probably will never see one, or see it try to get traction. In short, Diablos are Dodges!<!-- Signature -->
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    meradur are you a #$%#ing idiot they are sure as hell not brothers you dumbass and i already saaw both and drove both so #$%# off you silver spooned mother #$%#er!!!!!!!!
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    No, you haven't driven one of these VTTT's. There is only 8 out there, and judging by your typing skillz, I doubt that someone who owns one would let you drive it. And for those who understand me, the VTTT is about as stock as an 800TT, the twin-turbo setup in these vehicles were installed by licensed dealers.<!-- Signature -->
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    This car is great, I was reading up about this car and the company that did the conversion orginally wanted to enlarge the engine from 5.7 liters to something over 7 liters and they turbo it so they could achieve close to 1,000bhp but Lamborghini automobili sPa advised against this move and suggested that they use one of the Lambo V12 offshore racing engines either 7 liters or 8 liters and when they made the plan to do this they had found that they could concievably have atleast 1,187bhp under full boost. That decision was later done away with because that would not be a very good street engine. So they decided to just turbo the stock block and fortify it for heavy duty and on the highest boost setting of I believe 9psi they achieved 850bhp, which IMO is just about enough for the street.
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    Dude b4 u say the viper sucks, look n c fo yo self u stupidass this car suck ass for the price it has. The henneyssy 800TT is a whole lot better then this.
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    What makes the viper so good? better yet what makes the 800TT so good?
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    STOP ! damn, yea the hennesey is cheaper so what, its stll a car you ll never be able to afford,never, so whats the point in comparaing a car you would need 150 years of work to get or 250 ??, nothing, just stop,youll probably never be able to afford a "cheap" stock viper either,you prefer the viper, fine, dont argue on this its an opinion question, as you prefer blond girls,and i dont, blonds are not better in any way,:), and, those 2 cars never raced 1 against an other, if they dont, maybe because there is no use in it, like racing a vette against an honda prelude, up to you to choose wich cars killthe other one, you can look at those , numbers,yeaaaaaa!!, but you can look at the cars prices,and think, hey maybe theres a reason cost twice the price !!, m a y b e...anyway, if you can afford a viper , you can afford a lamborghini,you are rich, or poor.
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    **** price, with both cars you get what you pay for.
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    are you crazy car would rape any viper on a reace track with its nice handling unlike any american cars

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