not worth the money

Discussion in '1997 Bentley Continental T' started by Mistertwo, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Ive driven one of these, seriously my uncle has one and he brought it up here to get a scratch removed, I was driving it and I though I was going 40 or 50 but I was really going 100, it is really smooth, to say the least.
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    if i was REALLY rich i would get one of these

    these are mad pimpin
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    hummm this car or a thousand dollars more for a pagoni zonda? i wonder what i'd buy?
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    I'm glad somebody in these damn forums realizes that.
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    But a Zonda is SOOOO different. A person seriously considering a Zonda is not considering a Bentley. Sure, the Pagani is ludicrously fast and can cause people to strain themselves while craning their heads to see it. But the Bentley is subtle (well it was--before rappers started to pretend like they owned them) and a wonderful car to enjoy from the inside. The Pagani is beautiful on the inside, too. But it is like the difference between impressionist painting and High Renaissance painting. They are both considered to be beautiful, but they are beautiful in distinctly different ways.
    FYI:Did you know that the leather used in Bentleys comes from Sweedish cows, because there are no insects and the climate is such that it is good for preventing blemishes.
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    I love this car, not fast but , come on, ...........its a bently.
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    not worth the money, supose so, by looks of car it should of gone faster than it is.
    plz 0-60mph in like 5.3 secs
    a tvr cerbera blitzers it by like a whold 2 seconds
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    you got a thing about cerbera

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