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    Youtube is flooded with videos of people drifting Subaru Imprezas, but this isn't just any Impreza. Underneath this Subaru's hood sits a V10 from a BMW M5. Watching this video requires overcoming the mind blowing sound to visual discrepancy.

    According to the builder, this was one of the first test drives and the car isn't developing full power. You'd certainly never know this 1996 Subaru Impreza needed to be tuned watching this video, but you'd probably also have a hard time guessing it had a German built V10 under the hood.

    Go here for a detailed photo gallery of the build.
    Hat tip to Nitrous_86!
  2. #$%#in awesome
  3. in b4 vman foams before even reading/clicking the thread
  4. i wanna see one with a ferrari testarossa flat 12 in there

    or a dauer 962 LM engin, that would really eat kings craps for breakfast
  5. actually how about a colani-subaru formula one flat 12 from 1990?
  7. Did they remove the rear wiper blade?
  8. awesome, but too bad it isn't AWD
  9. actually, the '96 Impreza did not have a rear wiper blade

    a true track machine directly from the factory
  10. I love this, and they picked the right body style too.

  11. not sure if serious or just really dumb
  12. Somewhere inbetween mebbe
  13. how you know im not average subaru
  14. excepnt they void your waraanty if you go thoe the track. You'rwrong /thread owned
  15. #$%#N EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

    I just jizzed.
  16. why do you still use this account adrian
  17. V10 makes me go 6 to 12
  18. how come vman hasnt come in here and foamed all over threadd title
  20. of cours you'ld like it
  21. Seriously dumb.

    That thing is evil.
  22. Because I rarely come in here anymore.
  23. their're subaru real?

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