Now that...

Discussion in '2001 Aston Martin Twenty Twenty' started by deepangel_22, May 31, 2006.

  1. ... Thats a cayenne!

    One that Id buy!
  2. its an ugly, vulgar bastard
  3. Is one ugly MF.
  4. okay i hated the original and this one i despise
  5. hey i think it looks fab
  6. it looks fab
  7. This Cayenne looks cool
  8. Better ways to spend your money on S%#t
  9. This reminded me of a big brother of a Mini Cooper. What was a little weird (Porsche SUV) just got worse
  10. If i ever see one of these driving around ima shoot the guy driving it. This is hideous.
  11. #%$.
  12. like the m class we comkplained about in the forums ; just make all the grey or silver panels black , then we have a cool car.
  13. this is the answer to the question - now how does one make the cayenne any uglier?
  14. LOL!! Ground clearance..or lack thereof. I'm sorry. European sports cars/trucks are supposed to be stylish and classy. This looks so very...contradictory to their design philosophy. This looks like that blinged blinged crap that rappers buy. I mean, it looks cheap! Looks like something Daimler Chrysler made like the 300C looks like a Rolls Royce Phantom ripoff.

    This looks like something SRT on weed would do to a Liberty or Cherokee.
  15. Now this is one ugly son of a #%[email protected] What the hell? Someone's losing their touch.
  16. It doesn't even have that much power! At least raise it to a good 500bhp or something, not just 20 over the Cayenne Turbo's output. Ick, and here I was thinking of starting a thread on this vs. the Rinspeed Chopster; wouldn't even be room for comparison.
  17. Utter disgrace. With all of the aesthetics, its power output barely eclipses that of a stock Cayenne Turbo.
  18. Street Tuner Porsche...Yeah. Now there's a idiotically Faster Fast Car.So What's next a modified Carrea GT
  19. I don't know about "modified," but there is a tuned version: the Gemballa Mirage GT.

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