Now the real question is 0-88 mph.

Discussion in '1981 DeLorean DMC-12' started by sk8er1988, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. 1.21 Gigawatts? Well maybe in 1985 you can buy plutonium in any convenient store but not in 1955. You would need a bolt of lighting.
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    Wow. What an original, well thought out post. That is amazing. You seem to know EVERYTHING about the DeLorean. What movie was that quote from? I wonder. Really. I have no idea. Please tell me. Because none of us on here have EVER heard that crap before.

    In case you are going to ask a few more questions, I'll guess what they are and answer them so you dont have to ever post movie quotes EVER again!!! Here we go:

    1. Where's your flux capacitor? My answer: Its a dealer option that I didnt take. Sorry.

    2. Do you ever travel through time? My answer: Have you ever been on a date?

    3. Where's Mr Fusion? My answer: Oh, i had it on the car yesterday... you just missed it.

    4. What happens when you go 88mph? My answer: You get a speeding ticket

    5. Does this hover? My answer: Are you serious?

    6. Can I call you Marty? My answer: No

    7. Where do you put the plutonium? My answer: Bend over. I'll show you

    8. Have you ever been hit by lightning? My answer: No

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    0-88mph in about 20 sec
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    8. My answer: No, have you?

    also, never EVER yell "MARTY!" from the other side of a parking lot when you see a dmc.
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    too bad it is slow. it looks neat but slow. i don't see the practicality of driving it to work and around town. it seems too futuristic. i now know what you meant about 88mph ,what is your favorite BTTF. I like the 1st the best. all BTTFs are good though.
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    You are a little kid that thinks speed is everything. Does that mean the Model T is a peace of crap? ugly well not many cars can create a traffic jam just by driving down town.
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    20??? Well. It is a classic.. But it's very slow even for a small V6.
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    I reach almost 200 mph in 20 seconds. :p
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    I dont know the time I dont drive my car hard

    and 200mph in 20 secs what car is that?
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    Too bad we cant be as cool as you and your immaginary viper. Damn.

    Oh, but lemme guess, you really do have a viper right? Of course you do.

    Its easy to talk sh*t about a car you know nothing about.

    Show me another car with Stainless Steel body panels.

    Its funny, because none of us think the car is better than it is...we know it is. As for it being slow, not one of us have ever said we race Deloreans, because anyone who knows anything about the cars knows what it was intentionally built to be. It wasnt a fast car to begin with.

    There's nothing special about 88mph. We all quote that because that's all we hear from lame asses like you when the DeLoreans go out in public. Its a reply to the comments we get because of Back to the Future, cause that's where 90% of the people know the car from.

    Now run along and go drive your immaginary viper on your playstation.

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    whats special about a viper? there are a shit load of cars with fiber glass.
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    Sorry about that I forgot about the stainless steel body panels.
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    yeah Viperman is an obviouse #%$, seeing that he 1.likes a dodge viper 2.doesnt like the Delorean 3.all he worries about is speed when he probably hasnt gone over 70MPH (in reality). If anyone can remember back in thhe 80's, the delorean was made for an affordable, futuristic looking car, which still looks in style here 2 decades later. If you are going to insult a true beast pimp car like the delorean, you should at least know something about it, and not just look at its top speed.
    Go to hell anyone that makes fun of the delorean, and if you dont get the whole 88 thing, your #$%#ing retarded and have no reason to be submitting a reply.
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    amen! join our SC.NET DMC ASSOCIATION?
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    I hope you guys know, I dont actually have a delorean, I just think they are a dead sexy pimp car and is the greatest creation since wheel. If you do not like this car you are retarded and I cant figure out why you would post a reply, of course we can all dream of having a supercar that goes over 200, but a beast like the delorean cant be touched by any car, no matter how fast or expensive. It is a symbol of art and Technology and the intelligence of man kind.
    so like I said, go to hell all you anti-delorean people, go have a dream about your supercar or a girl, because both are out of reach for ya.
    If you are wondering about this name I am a fan of Jaguars, but that doesnt mean I dis-like the delorean for any reason, take a look at the Jaguar XJ220, its almost as beasty as the delorean (but too expensive, so im going with the delorean).
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    i dont own a d. i dont evn have a licence! come on in. the more the...dont know how to spell.
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    Ford Model T's and DeLorean DMC-12's might not be the fasting thing out, but I would drive them, the Model T and the DMC-12 are classic collectors items, who cares about speed with these cars. It's the ride, the feel, the passion.
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