Now you know why the Corvette is so cheap

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  1. OMG even though it wasnt GM making it, they are so accountable, they make crap.
  2. no multiple accounts arse.
  3. yeah everyone should buy a panda, its not enough car to have actual problems.
  4. thats not that funny, try again
  5. neither is your account name. but i see you havent figured that out after 1100 posts
  6. and?
  7. and? and you obviously dont know whats funny anyway. Not that my post was intended to be humorous.
  8. and it wasnt
  9. corvettes are cheap because they suck. I had a hard time coming up with a worse sports car. Probably something like the hyundai tiburon but even then it'd be a toss up. The hyundai has on its side: Build quality, interior, handling, whereas the corvette has: Big engine.

    Its a toss up. Probably in the end i would go for the hyundai. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. 30k posts and still an ignorant idiot. Go figure.
  11. Holy shit I hope this is a joke... (and youve never driven a Tiburon, which BTW is an economy car, not a sports car)
  12. if corvettes cant handle, then neither can ferraris
  13. haha of course its a joke you silly chaps. If i was that ignorant/stupid after 30,000 posts and almost 5 years it would probably be best for me to remove myself from the gene pool.
  14. That only happens when they're improperly installed or not latched down.
  15. So how long until you're old enough for your learner's permit?
  16. LOL
  17. see my post above LAWL!
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    Where does it say the glue was not to the manufacturers spec? If this was the case I would expect that several cars that used the same batch of glue would be affected.

    There's a common misconception on this website that car manufacturers make the cars. They don't, all they do is assemble the cars from outsourced components from various companies throughout the world. However, this does not excuse GM for having used parts that were deffective.

    What GM (and any other manufacturer) are responsible for is to make sure that what they assemble is done to a certain standard. Their quality department should check for:
    1. what they get into the plant.
    2. what they send out of the plant.
    Point number one would be done by a Suplier Quality department that is responsible for auditing what is being supplied to the plant. Nobody simply relies on the supplier's word that what they are supplying is to spec.

    Once it is proven that the adhesive was at fault, GM will then charge the warranty expenses back to the glue supplier, as well as the costs in any other work that may be required if other cars are affected too and ensuring it does not happen again.
    Unfortunately suppliers do not generally receive the bad press and the blame from the general public, it is solely put down to the manufacturer.
  19. OK. You never know these days.
  20. never happened too me.
  21. never happened to me.
  22. never happened to me.
  23. never happened to me.
  24. I don't know what's funnier, the Z06's roof coming off or the fact that some people here insist on defending it as if it were their mother being laughed at.
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