NSX vs. ZO6 vs. 911 Turbo

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    Re: NSX vs. ZO6 vs. 911 Turbo

    for all those who think an NSX does not belong [namly on the first page] there is a video i would recomend you see. it is not in english, but the numbers you should be able to understand. the video is by best motoring, having the NSX-R, F-50, Lambo Murcielago, 911 GT2, a gemballa porsche, and a 911 Turbo. the NSX finishes 4th, just barly behind the Murcielago. I know how much supirior the NSX-R is compaired to the "regular" NSX, but seeing how far back the 911 turbo was I would think the NSX has a fair chance.

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    That NSX on the video was modified to around 500 hp if i remember correct
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    I dont think the NSX or belongs either considering it doesnt even perform as good as either one of the others. Also the Z06 runs a 70.4 on the 600 ft slalom and the 911 cant touch that. Id take a z06 for performance over the porsche
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    991 turbo thats the bottom line
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    no. it was the NSX type R. it has the same horsepower as the regular NSX [276], exept it lighter, and stiffer [suspention].
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    yes, it was modified , if you can check the video again, when they metioned about the specs of that NSXR in japanese: they said "over 500 hp and and on the 4 th place"
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    sorry I missed that. with best motoring battles I ussualy just skip to the race. this one was moddified, so people can dissregard my earlyer posts. but there are several other documents and videos raving about the NSX and its derivitives. Like top gear, who got a lap time extreamly close to their 575 maranello with a NSX-R. i still beleave the NSX belongs.
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    the nsx really doesnt belong in this group. even the nsx-r really doesnt stand a chance. I have owned a turbo and i currently own a z06. They are both very amazing cars. One is raw power and one is European enginearing. The z06 is much faster but the Turbo can outhandle it by far. Z06-AMerican Muscle; Turbo-Luxurious but quick European car
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    shut up, you own neither and never will. damn noob. an NSX-r might hang witht this group, but imma juss cast aside the nsx right now. sorry.

    the z06 has nothing on the turbo. nothing. you claim all your 3.9s? too bad, the turbo got 3.77 from the same peeps (if im not mistaken). you claim handleing, then youd claim grip. grip means nothing. turbo handles better hands down. you claim style, its no match, style is objective yes, but the turbo is clearly superior. you claim badge, i wont even bother. you claim interior, wont bother there either, you claim anything and you fail.

    turbo is rated #1 car in the world for a reason. z06 cannot hang with it.
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    The Turbo never got 3.77 and it's a fairly close comparo.
  11. Re:

    First of all, 0-60 doesn't mean anything. The NSX beats 575s around tracks (Top Gear), but the only way the Z06 got 3.9 was powershifting, a practice almost never employed by anyone.

    quote from car and driver about the 405 hp Z06:

    Gm claims the Corvette 5.5 (which if you don't know is the 495 hp version. The 5.4 was the 385 hp version) will reach 60 mph in less than four seconds and polish off the quarter-mile in 12.4 seconds. Considering we've had trouble slipping 460-hp Vipers under the four-second mark and that a Z06 has never hit 60 in less than 4.3 seconds
    Notice the never in that statement.

    Also consider that they said the new E55 will outrun a z06 in a straight line without breaking a sweat.

    Then consider

    Comparing Porsche's own conservative test numbers, the new 911 Turbo's 4.2-second 0-to-62-mph time bests the previous (400 hp) Turbo's time by 0.3 second, and it beats the 911 GT3 by 0.6 second. Our last Turbo and Turbo S test cars both hit 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.
    wait wait wait, how fast?
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    dude, no challenge at all the vette would rock both those imported peices* any day!
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    no jap car belongs with a premium american sportscar and a midlevel porsche. but i would take a 911 turbo over a z06 because of the name, the headturning, and the thought of having a 100k+ car. the performances are about even when you factor them all in. the z06 is a way better car for the money though
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    I know him his dad had a zo6 and his neighbor had a 911 turbo.
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    damn my bad. i thought he was another guy claiming to own 5 f1s and 3 slrs and crap.

    whatever, but the turbo did run a 3.77 once, not like its possible to redo, liekt he 3.9 on z06. youd be incredibly lucky to pull a sub 4.5 time wit the vette and sub 4.2 with the turbo.
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    Whatever times they get it doesn't matter. It's close comparison and i would take Z06 because it's the best value for money car you can buy and it's got mad performance.
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    Corrections: Corvette Z06 has 405 hp (except 01 which is 385), Z06 goes 0-60 in 3.9 seconds (it doesnt matter if it is power shifting, which how can u prove that, u in the car when they drove it?) Also all because a "viper" cant make it in under 4 seconds, doesnt mean a vette cant. Consider the weight. Z06 is lighter.

    Please get info right.

    BTW I think Car and Driver is a crappy magazine, I wouldnt trust them with anything, motor trend and road and track are better.
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    as far as i was aware in 02 the z06 actually beat the viper in just about every catagory exept the 1/4 mile, and it lost by some .2 seconds. but as far as your magazine selection goes.... car & driver is crap, road and crack, is also crap, and even motor trend the better of the 3 has some issues when it comes to cars..... maybe some cars don't get as affected by the weather, the elevation, compared to other cars and a certain technic that there drivers use that work on some cars but not others, but honestly half the time what ever the hell one magazines rates a car to do in the 1/4 and 0-60 there is always a .3 or so difference in what i see ran in both directions some how the rwd/fwd cars here do much better (jap compact & american muscle) and awd cars do worse here then rated, exept the 03 evo which does what's it's ment to 13.2s
  19. the 911 turbo would piss all over these two
  20. No it wouldn't the Viper GTS still spanks the C5 Z06 around the coner.

    They don't price em high for now reason, just because the Corvette finally is proven to beat the Viper one year doesn't make all the prevous models just as great.
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    Thank you! you saved me a whole lotta trouble.

    with regards to that ignorant person... MID-ENGINED NSX did NOT COPY CORVETTE, that is so utterly and incredibly ridiculous.
  22. it's 500 ps, which comes to approximately 280hp I believe.
  23. On a good twisty track, the NSX would dog both car's heels, but would certainly be outdriven:


    However, as was stated before, the highest performance models need be used, whether or not they're available in North America (and before anyone says anything about price, the price difference is largely made up for in refinement - i.e. the Z06 feels like cheap crap, the NSX is refined, and better engineered) therefore:

    On a super twisty track:


    911 Turbo x50


    On an ordinary track:

    911 Turbo x50



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