nurburgring graffiti

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Atomic2, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. whats up with it?

    i remember a thread about it before but i cant find it
  2. what's up with what? putting down grafiti on the road during any sports is perfectly normal.
  3. They started doing after the track was closed from actual racing.
  4. just random people? or are they sponsered? in GT4 i seem to recall a big Vdub symbol
  5. More like famous people. I dont really remember the story behind it.

    Edit: not famous but like car people
  6. i see
  7. Ever watched Giro d'Italia or Tour de France?
  8. BTW, Did'nt they try to paint commercials on the track for one F1 GP a couple of years ago?
  9. I always thought some of it was tribs to dead peeps.
  10. I've written on roads before, made a "go lance" in the garden of the gods back when he used to race small races round here. Before he had cancer, before he won his first tour stage. Im pretty lancecore yeah
  11. Drunk Germans put it down in between practice sessions for the 24 hours race.

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