OBDII Readers

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  1. Anybody use one they like? Is it just the code reader or does it Bluetooth thingy into your phone?
  2. I use Carly's app and BT adapter, but I think they're model specific. Like, I can do some nifty coding and parameter diagnosis through the BMW specific (prob works on the Mini as well) app.
  3. I use a ELM327 ripoff from Amazon that costs 20$
    then I bought or downloaded Dashboard app for iphonse

    I can read codes and whatnots it nice
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  4. Yeah cheapo OBDII reader elm32 and torque scan pro. Was really useful when modding with boost to keep an eye on KR, fuel trims and what not.
  5. It helps to save the diagnostic fee (69$ at subaru) and other places

    My wife is pretty good at not screwing enough the fuel cap which throws the christmas tree in the dashboard. It can reset this code easily with the tool
  6. This looks awesome, but sadly doesn't work with my generation.
  7. i just get a new car if that light comes on
  8. Some are better than others. Some do more than others (OBD+SRS+ABS). Some are handheld jobs, and some do the bluetooth bit so you can leave them plugged in. Some are just total crap.

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