Discussion in '2008 BMW M3 Sedan' started by Paul91785, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Either get the Coupe or the M5
  2. I thought bmw dicontinue M3 sedan, But now it's back.
  3. Personal pref...
  4. Not completely... it will shut down the AMG-lover argument that the M3 only has 2 doors whereas the C63 AMG has 4. The coupe is already better than the Merc, and this seals it.

    The M5 is awesome, but I would have the M3 sedan. The M5 is just a bit too garish and lairy.
  5. This car is WAY better than the coupe. The sedan weighs 56 lbs more than the coupe, but if you're going to complain about 22 kgs of weight than why don't you strip your #$%#ing car and make it unusable for any everyday use. The sedan is way better than the coupe. The coupe doesn't make sense because if you are buying it for performance over the sedan than why didn't you just buy a #$%#ing corvette(z06 even maybe, used) for a #$%#ing track day car. #%!@.

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