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  1. this car loks like one of the hot tuner cars
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    finally some1 likes it.

    I think its sweet. A Saturn SC, superchared, w/ a plastic body.
    This thing will rape any of your rice burners!! I dont give a shit what you ignorant pricks think, this car is bad ass, and will burn any other car in its class<!-- Signature -->
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    Does anyone know if this car will be released? It is one hot car, all of saturn hating assholes are gonna shit their pants when this thing flies by their tricked civic. I love it.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BumpinSaturn</i>
    <b>Does anyone know if this car will be released? It is one hot car, all of saturn hating assholes are gonna shit their pants when this thing flies by their tricked civic. I love it.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    tricked up honda civics are the only thing worse than this piece of shit. why do you think so many people have distain for saturn? could it be maybe they have seen first hand or heard from a saturn owner that the cars are garbage? oh no of course not they must be jealous of a car that is painted white fading into red and is made to weigh 1500 lbs because the engine is a no torque piece of shit taken from a lawn mower. all this needs is a huge spoiler that looks like a bicycle rack, a suspension lowering kit to make it be 1 in off the ground, and have a muffler tailpipe the size of a coffee can to officially be a tricked up jap car<!-- Signature -->
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    i think you're wrong there mustang boy. every saturn driver i have ever talked to says its the most reliable can they've ever bought. i think you are a little too obessed with ford and it makes you ignorant. so you feel the need to try and talk shit about GM cars.
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    hey hold on a second i like most GM cars i think chevy makes good stuff . saturn is just flat out shit. I read one article where a GM representative called saturn "a mistake" so i would think that when the parent company is insulting a division of their company its a bad sign. and let me just tell you that my friend hates his saturn and wishes he could afford a better car but right now hes a little financially challenged
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    who cares. either way, saturn/gm is not going to produce this. it's just because they want to say their cars have potential for tuners.
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    Just cause this car would absolutly rape you in a Race SVT in you car, doesn't mean you need to diss it. And you know it would win, 300 hp in less than 2000 LB compared to ONLY 390 in like 400 pounds? You would lose bad!!
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    this car will never be produced. It's to show the public that honda is not the only car you can modify, so people will be temptated to buy a saturn for it to look like this, but the only problem is that there isn't too many body kits and other things for saturns, there all for civics.
  10. wow

    i hate saturns with an extreme passion this cum plastered shit is no exception!!!
    - fyi if you have ever noticed taht at a car show nobody is in the saturn department its like armpit of gm sorta like bakersfeild has anbody been to taht place god. i hate these cars no new designs in like 10 #$%#in years nohp gains in 10 years oh but dont worry your pos wont fall apart its got dent res panels woop de frickin do
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    Saturn does not make shitty cars. Anyone who says so has to be ignorant of their performance values. I'm not saying a stock Saturn will beat a stock Mustang because they aren't built to be sports cars. All of you people saying it's a plastic car are also incorrect. The sidings are made of polymer, which is actually lighter and much more durable than plastic. The only other material I would go with is Carbon Fiber, but it is much more expensive. Any Saturn is just as easily modified as a Civic, but you need to buy the parts from a Saturn Performance Systems dealer. The parts are relatively cheap so all of you Saturn fans should visit for all of their performance needs.

    By the way, weight is a HUGE factor in the performance of a car, not just acceleration but also handling. So quit braggin about your crappy +3500 lb plus cars. A 300 hp engine in a Saturn would be lethal in most street races.

    '95 Saturn SL1 (yes SOHC)
    SPS 21 HP Package
    SPS Powertrain Package
    SPS Stage 2 Handling and Brake Packages
    Twistec Hybrid T3T04 Turbo Kit
    Torque Biasing Differental
    ~1900 lbs
    380 hp
    0-60 ~ 4.7 seconds
    1/4 - 13.0 seconds
    19 mpg city
    25 mpg highway
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    Do you ensinuate this car would, ahem, 'rape' and 03' SVT Cobra?
    Or do you that he has some other car that would loose to this... Saturn.
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    Ok first of all, learn basic 1st grade english and then maybe you could write a few somewhat coherent sentences. Maybe the saturn could beat the SVT Cobra, if it had about 150 more bhp and actually had torque. And theres also that thing about how the saturns wheels would fall off after it hit 80. Oh yeah I would lose bad, its called BADLY, adjectives cant follow verbs you uneducated dipshit. This is an example of the people that drive saturns, stoners that failed out of college and live at home with their mother who bought them the piece of shit $200 saturn.
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    ok telling people to get educated is one thing, but making yourself sound like a rich jackass while doing it, well that just makes me laugh. I have personally raced two svt cobras, and neither could get off their heavy asses by the time i was in second gear, IN MY SATURN! Seriously, the fact that they weigh almost 3 times as much doen't mean anything? well is seems that you need to get educated mr smartass. oh and the big words make you sound like someone whose trying to be smart... last thing, i own a saturn, i make more money than you (probably), and my mom didnt buy it for me... tsk tsk, if i was as assuming as you, i would say all mustang owners are fat beer swilling assholes whos other car is a ford dualie, or rich, wussy mousse-in-the-hair, posers who are trying to get laid... which one are you? asshole
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    haha, thats a funny fabricated story. A regular saturn beating a car that has a 0-60 advantage of around 5-6 seconds. Only way that could ever happen is if the person in the mustang had no clue how to drive the cobra which has manual transmission. and im not a rich jackass im just pointing out how stupid the person i was quoting was and i dont know what implied i was rich because im not. And the cobra weigh 3 times as much? I hope you're just exaggerating because the cobra only weighs like 3500 lbs and i would say this piece of shit weighs around 1800-2000 lbs. And i never said i was a mustang owner i just like mustangs. Oh and you drive a saturn and make more money than me? So why do you drive a saturn? I drive an Audi A4, its no rich persons car, its around $30,000.
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    i drive a saturn becasue i would rather spend my money on other worthwhile things. you stereotype all saturn drivers with the drivel that craps out of your mouth. tell you what, lets play chicken. when it is all said and done, I'll walk away from the accident and wave to your body bag, ass.
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    i hate these cars no new designs in like 10 #$%#in years nohp gains in 10 years oh but dont worry your pos wont fall apart its got dent res panels woop de frickin do

    this just shows your ignorance. Have you done no reading? Saturn has only been around for 10 yrs. With this in mind i ask you, in ford's, honda's, etc.'s first TEN YEARS OF EXISTENCE were they a part of the aftermarkey industry? No. And in response to you saying no hp gains in 10 yrs, this too is false. I'll ask you to go look at the new Ion Quad Coupe, this has the 2.2 litre ecotec engine which cranks 140 bhp. A nearly 20hp gain over the latest SC2.

    I ask you to do your research before you go and shoot your mouth off, Son.
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    the beginning quote was from ottdave.
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    In response to SVT. This car with 300+ horsepower is running in the 12's quartermile. I have seen a few around running high to mid 12's. Plus, a Saturn can get a T-400 kit(T-300 was on this car), which pushed over 400 WHP. Now, those cars ar in the low 11's.
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    and in the 10's. I guess your SVT would be in the rearview mirror.
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    could it be maybe they have seen first hand or heard from a saturn owner that the cars are garbage?

    ok saturns have their little disadvantages thats tru examples include interior problems such as the upolstry coming off dashboard cracking etc. but i had a saturn for 3 years and i beat that thing 2 death and the only thing i ever had go wrong with it was the alternator and a belt go bad. Now let me say a word about your beloved ford. All the ford's we have ever owned have proved 2 b garbage likewise my friends and that new mustang ive driven one HANDELING WUZ HORRID PERFORMANCE WUZ HORRID people think their so friggin cool in these mustangs and the ---SVT C.--- i wipe the floor with them in my 700hp supra haha PATHETIC
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    Whoopie do 140bhp, my moms old 1992 Grand Am SE had 150bhp and her new 1999 has 175bhp and would f@ck a mustang, (Coupe and GT i dunno about SVT Cobra Though bt i hate mustangs!) And yea there is absolutly NO! appearance change in a saturn.
  23. Huh? Why are civics so hated? Are they like the Evil Empire? So popular and lots of accessories for it....

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