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    omg but what if u drop something hot !
  2. damn....I re-read my comment and his.

    still kinda chuckling....

    I pissed that guy off!
  3. Lol its a valid concer. I suppose. But more concerning is spilling hot stuff on your bare hands which happens daily and you just gotta deal with jt
  4. im reading anthony bourdains book, kitchen confidential. the shit people in kitchens have to put up with is insane
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    I could see something like that

    When I think Crocs I think of these with the holes in them.
  6. It's a bygone era though. Having worked in a kitchen in my previous life (college days) I can say the drugs and the sex is still there but there but the extreme situations are few and far between.
  7. It's kinda sad you don't have anyone else telling you these things. here you are, a 30 odd year old guy, being led around and enabled into carrying on like there isn't anything wrong with your face. there's no excuse for not having cleared up this chink teeth problem. You know appearances matter, just trying to help you out. Don't know why it's gotten everyone so upset.
  8. Ok now you're just seeking attention. Plan unfolded, nothing to see here

    moving along
  9. guess inherent racism still is running stong in bum#$%# nowhere, usa
  10. ^_^

    I'm only 26.

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  11. I have those too haha
  12. just found a place in ghetto mtl where the suites are 110$ each. They're the one who provide the suites to big chains


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